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CBS Predictions: Zoo and Extant are on the cusp of cancellation

By on July 12, 2015

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:

Extant - Behind the Scenes

Extant - Behind the Scenes

Since it is the slow part of the broadcast season, we will also take it slow with our renewal and cancellation predictions. That means that until mid-September, our predictions will come every other week. So check back in two weeks for our latest predictions!

New drama series Zoo premiered on CBS two weeks ago. The drama, the name of which always makes me think about storylines way different and probably way more interesting, managed a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating for its premiere, and kept that rating for episode two. Although not a great rating, the series far outshines the returned Extant. The latter managed only a 0.7 for its season premiere, and although it went up to a 0.8 the week after, things don’t look good.

Under The Dome has been scoring between a 1.0 and 1.3 this season, but it is believed to still be profitable for CBS. Zoo is likely profitable as well, but Extant is a whole different story. Undoubtedly, Extant’s cast is very expensive. A deal with Amazon helped it in being renewed last year, but it seems the changes that have been made behind and in front of the camera aren’t paying off. For now, we will give both Zoo and Extant a few more weeks. Their ratings seem to be good news for Under The Dome, though, which is coming off quite well in the comparison between the three.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Person Of InterestRenewed
Criminal MindsRenewed
NCIS: Los AngelesRenewed
The Good WifeRenewed
Hawaii Five-0Renewed
Blue BloodsRenewed
The Big Bang TheoryRenewed
Mike & MollyRenewed
2 Broke GirlsRenewed
NCIS: New OrleansRenewed
Madam SecretaryRenewed
The Odd CoupleRenewed
CSI: CyberRenewed
Undercover BossRenewed
Under The DomeToss Up
ExtantToss Up
ZooToss Up
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationCancelled
The MillersCancelled
Battle CreekCancelled
The McCarthysCancelled
The MentalistFinal Season
Two And A Half MenFinal Season

This week's TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • John

    I cannot imagine CBS cancelling all three of them. If ratings stay the same I am guessing Under the Dome remains safe. Zoo and Extant seemed doomed. If it weren’t for Halle Berry Extant probably wouldn’t have gone past season 1. So those are my thoughts. Good updates as always!

    • moehrked

      I think that CBS cancelled UTD because of the change in NC tax incentives to the movie/TV industry. the incentives went from over $60 million to just $10million and just chased the business elsewhere. Before CBS announced cancellation UTD auctioned off the entire set with plans to move to Utah. CBS did not want to pay fore a new set.

  • DKT

    finally some justice. extant is ridiculous. cast is also ridiculous.



  • Susan Spreng

    I love Zoo, please don’t cancel this show. I have loved the first 2 seasons of Under the Dome but this season went horribly bad. Hard to follow and sorry but I can’t stand Marg Helgenberger and she never really fit in with the regulars. If they had kept season 3 to the path it had been following I think the fans would have stayed true. It went from watching to see a show whose cast we cared about to something from the Twilight Zone. I have really enjoyed Zoo and I hope it stays. There is so much other crap they keep renewing I totally don’t understand why.

  • Tamara Petrie Clymer

    keep Zoo can not cancel and not let us know what happens……….