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Welcome to TV Watch U.S.!

First of all, we want to thank you for visiting our website. Everything you see on this website has been carefully crafted and written by one or more of us. You may be interested in knowing our preferences so you can add perspective to our reviews and opinions. Therefore, we introduce you to each of us and our likes and dislikes. We hope this will give you an idea of what we look for in a TV series, and perhaps even a little look into who we are. Don’t forget; if you have any questions you can always contact us through the form at the bottom of this page, or through social media!


Daniel, Emily and Robin.

About us

Daniel Redford

Daniel’s DVR never has a day’s rest. Whenever he has a moment to spare, Daniel watches one of his favorite series. He likes action-adventures, such as Person of Interest, but he can also appreciate a good comedy, such as Modern Family or How I Met Your Mother. However, he hates shows that go for an easy laugh. Watching those will make him roll his eyes, facepalm, and immediately erase the show from his watch list. Occasionally, he enjoys a soapy drama such as Revenge, but if the show is over the top, Daniel will be tuning out. Fantasy series that revolve around supernatural phenomena, especially the over-hyped vampire shows, are also not his favorite. He can enjoy series where the setting is based on supernatural events, but the story is not entirely focusing on that aspect, for instance Once Upon a Time. When it comes to the website, Daniel is the go-to technician. He knows the ins and outs of the website and has written the code that generates all of our dynamic show pages, network pages etcetera.

Emily Donovan

Emily loves to follow and watch the newest TV series, and she is always looking for a new series to add to her list of favorites. She has a love for competitive reality series. As long as it involves physical and mental challenges, like in Survivor, she will watch it. But don’t ask her about reality series involving dating; those are definitely not on her list of shows to watch. Besides reality, she also likes series that may have a hint of fantasy, but are still quite plausible. Series such as Terra Nova and Revolution. Monster fantasy series (e.g. Grimm) are not her favorite, but a fantasy series with some mystery, such as Once Upon a Time, can really tick the right boxes. Drama series are less likely to be among her favorite series, and you definitely won’t find her staying in to watch a soap opera. She does like sitcoms, as long as the jokes come naturally and don’t seem to be forced. Crime shows can also be her favorite, as long as they don’t focus on the case of the week that much, but rather on the police officers and their lives, like Rookie Blue does. On the website, Emily will be providing you with news and reviews, as well as assisting Daniel with some of the technical aspects of the website.

Robin Oatley

Robin has been a TV addict for years now. She loves to watch new series and review them, and before this website existed she used to do this on HubPages. After watching and reviewing all those shows, she knows exactly what she does and doesn’t like. She is a big fan of supernatural series such as Grimm and Supernatural. However, a lot of her favorite series are comedies, like The Middle, and she enjoys the occasional series with a slight hint of drama, such as Arrow. She doesn’t like series with superficial storylines, easy jokes or series that have a stereotype protagonist that has been used many times before. If a series revolves solely around the (forced) jokes and there is barely a storyline, you won’t find Robin watching more than a few episodes. On the other hand, some of her favorite series are the ones that are funny, even though they aren’t supposed to be a comedy. Robin has a love-hate relationship with police procedurals. She has seen a lot of them and even though she can appreciate an innovative idea, most new series look so much like older ones that she just can’t bear watching them. On the website, she will be doing what she has been doing on HubPages; providing you with updates, news and reviews, so you can decide what series to follow and see if you will be able to keep on following it in the future. She also takes on the more creative aspects of the website.

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