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CBS Predictions: Zoo will be renewed

By on September 6, 2015

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:

Zoo - The Silence of the Cicadas

Since it is the slow part of the broadcast season, we will also take it slow with our renewal and cancellation predictions. That means that until mid-September, our predictions will come every other week. So check back in two weeks for our latest predictions!

Since our latest predictions, CBS announced the good news of Under The Dome’s cancellation. The show was declining steadily in the ratings and the show was grasping at straws, making the storyline more erratic with the episode. At this point, CBS has only Zoo and Extant left as scripted summer series. Surely the network will not cancel both of them, maybe not even one.

Zoo is certain to make it to another season, judging from the ratings. Extant’s future is a little more iffy. Its ratings are not as good as Under The Dome’s were, but it was the same story last year and it got renewed anyway. This year, I’m banking on the cancellation of Extant, even though this will leave CBS with only one scripted summer show to bring to next year.

ShowStatus / Prediction
ZooCertain Renewal
ExtantLikely Cancellation
Under The DomeCancelled

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  • Maximillian

    I will be so pleased if Zoo makes it its a fantastic and very enjoyable show it immediately draws you in and holds your interest .