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CBS Predictions: Extant cancelled, Zoo renewed, but what about Under The Dome?

By on August 9, 2015

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:



Since it is the slow part of the broadcast season, we will also take it slow with our renewal and cancellation predictions. That means that until mid-September, our predictions will come every other week. So check back in two weeks for our latest predictions!

Of CBS’ three summer series, Zoo is now the highest rating show, after Under The Dome has dropped significantly versus its previous seasons. This makes Zoo a Likely Renewal, with good possibilities of becoming a Certain Renewal if it stays the highest rating show.

Under The Dome is doing OK. This would normally lead to an upgrade to Likely Renewal, but maybe the network is so disappointed in the large ratings drops that it will be cancelled. It will remain a Toss Up for a bit longer.

Extant is hanging back in the ratings after it looked like it would be cancelled already last season. It is possible that it is again renewed against the odds, but it will be downgraded to a Likely Cancellation regardless.

ShowStatus / Prediction
ZooLikely Renewal
Under The DomeToss Up
ExtantLikely Cancellation

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  • Daniel Redford

    Interesting read, thanks!

  • Rich Kaelin

    Ummm. I gave up on extant 6 weeks into season one, I tried, it sucked. Under the Dome I stopped watching mid last season, just going in circles. They damn well better renew Zoo, after that season finale…but don’t go for 3 seasons. Make another 13-16 episodes and finish it off. Both were books, and I don’t think either has been mapped out to run years. I mean, what’s left, “We failed again, we try Again?” Last Ship I can see a couple more seasons, because even after the plauge, the world will be full of miscreants and warlords. It won’t be as good, but could be reasonable post apocalyptic entertainment. And the Walking Dead may need to die soon. It has become a zombie fueled treadmill. Just my take.

    • Diego Araújo

      Love your opinion about everything you said, I Agree.

  • David Baker

    I won’t trash a show until I’ve seen the first half hour. Extant I WILL trash for several reasons, after viewing the show for the requisite time. Halle Berry is unbelievable, the plot is unbelievable, and the way these scenes are filmed, they all look like commercials, with that weird lighting, lens ‘softening’ and camera positioning. I wish the media would stop making women out to be supreme beings, and just let nature take it’s course, allowing at least a few of them to stay home and mind the kids. Maybe those shows I’ll watch.