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FOX Predictions: Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life Cancelled

By on March 27, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on FOX:

Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life

Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life

Late this week, FOX has announced the renewals of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man On Earth. Additionally, although not confirmed yet, an impending renewal for New Girl was rumored. The show already was a Certain Renewal, and it will obviously stay at that prediction.

At the beginning of this week, FOX announced a schedule change for Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life, switching timeslots with Bob’s Burgers. Moving away from a The Simpsons lead-in at 8:30/7:30c to a Bordertown lead-in at 7:30/6:30 is an obvious downgrade, and that is an understandable move given the show’s ratings. Losing FOX’ highest rating comedy as a lead-in is going to be tough for Cooper Barrett, combined with a vote of no confidence from FOX, and its ratings weren’t great to begin with. Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life is now joins Bordertown as a Likely Cancellation.

ShowStatus / Prediction
The SimpsonsRenewed
Bob’s BurgersRenewed
Brooklyn Nine-NineRenewed
The Last Man On EarthRenewed
Scream QueensRenewed
New GirlCertain Renewal
Family GuyCertain Renewal
RosewoodCertain Renewal
LuciferCertain Renewal
The X-FilesLikely Renewal
GrandfatheredToss Up
BordertownLikely Cancellation
Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving LifeLikely Cancellation
Sleepy HollowCertain Cancellation
The GrinderCertain Cancellation
Second ChanceCertain Cancellation
Minority ReportEffectively Cancelled

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