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The CW Predictions: What’s up with iZombie and The 100?

By on March 6, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on The CW:

The 100

Whereas for other networks de renewals are mostly determined by the ratings the shows are getting, for The CW this works a little different. As we have discussed before, CBS and WB share this network and will want to have an equal share in the show airing on the networks. This means that two shows which have quite similar ratings, say iZombie and The 100, can still have very different predictions. In this case iZombie is likely cancelled because it is WB lowest rating show, while The 100 is likely to be renewed because, for a co-production between CBS and WB, it is getting decent ratings.

ShowStatus / Prediction
SupernaturalCertain Renewal
The Vampire DiariesCertain Renewal
ArrowCertain Renewal
Jane The VirginCertain Renewal
The OriginalsCertain Renewal
ReignCertain Renewal
The FlashCertain Renewal
The 100Likely Renewal
DC’s Legends Of TomorrowLikely Renewal
iZombieLikely Cancellation
Crazy Ex-girlfriendLikely Cancellation
Beauty And The BeastFinal Season

This week's TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • hallie24

    None of this is true you need to check your facts and not believe every prediction because they are telling you what you want to hear right now the ratings for TVD is at the lowest it has ever been and this is all predictions the CW has made no final decision as of now. Right now TO will probably be back but TVD are still on the chopping block it will come down to how far they slip by there finale and how many new pilots the CW picks up. The CW has the least amount of airtime so as of now they still need to drop two shows because of legends and the 100 both which are doing better then TVD then it will depend on how many new show they pick up for every new show they need to drop an old one

    • Daniel Redford

      We’re not telling anyone what they want to hear; we tell them what we think will happen. And you are doing exactly the same thing, we just have different opinions.
      The CW is a network built by CBS and WB to bring shows to syndication. Since The CW has lower overal viewership than the other broadcast networks, it relies more heavily on syndication prospects (and less on ad revenue) than the others. The ratings for The Vampire Diaries are indeed as low as they have ever been, but that is true for many shows. We think that, for now, they are good enough to carry over the show at least one more season.