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FOX Predictions: Grandfathered, Bordertown and Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life neck and neck

By on March 20, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on FOX:



It was no surprise that Gotham was renewed this week. The show has outstanding ratings. However, the real question is, what it going to happen to Grandfathered and Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life? Neither is getting really good ratings, but then again they are surrounded by shows that are not getting really good ratings. Along with new series Bordertown, they share the same space in the ratings graph, but it’s likely not all of them will be cancelled. Which one will make it? Our best bet is Grandfathered. The show has a well known cast, which on one hand is expensive, but also has more potential, and the show already has a full season, while Cooper only has half a season of 13 episodes. Now, the difference in episodes might not seem like much, but the difference in ratings isn’t much either, so perhaps this will be the tipping point.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Scream QueensRenewed
The SimpsonsRenewed
Bob’s BurgersRenewed
Family GuyCertain Renewal
Brooklyn Nine-NineCertain Renewal
RosewoodCertain Renewal
New GirlCertain Renewal
LuciferCertain Renewal
The Last Man On EarthLikely Renewal
The X-FilesLikely Renewal
GrandfatheredToss Up
Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving LifeToss Up
BordertownLikely Cancellation
The GrinderCertain Cancellation
Sleepy HollowCertain Cancellation
Second ChanceCertain Cancellation
Minority ReportEffectively Cancelled

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