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Renewals & Cancellations

The CW Predictions: How the television landscape is changing

By on March 27, 2016

The CW has left us in a bit of a pickle when it renewed every single show on its lineup on March 11th. This illustrates once more how the landscape of broadcast television is changing.


The CW Predictions: Everything is renewed, Containment is coming up

By on March 20, 2016

While The CW has renewed all of its current show, the network has one new show lined up for April. Containment centers on a virus outbreak in Atlanta, after which a quarantine is quickly enforced, leaving the sick, dead and healthy all in one place. That can’t end well.


The CW Predictions: Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, Crazy Ex-girlfriend, Reign Renewed, and many more

By on March 13, 2016

This Friday, The CW went all Oprah Winfrey on us and handed out renewals to every single show currently on its lineup. That is a first, and shows that The CW is not just any old broadcast network.


The CW renews ENTIRE lineup including The Flash, Crazy Ex-girlfriend, iZombie, Reign, The Vampire Diaries and more

By on March 11, 2016

In an unprecedented move, The CW has renewed every single show that is currently on its schedule for a new season.


The CW Predictions: What’s up with iZombie and The 100?

By on March 6, 2016

The CW ratings and renewals are special cases, but how does it work for The 100 and iZombie?


The CW Predictions: DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Renewed? The Vampire Diaries in danger

By on February 28, 2016

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow is doing very solidly in the ratings for The CW, and that might make the network consider a renewal despite the show’s high costs.


The CW Predictions: Reign and The 100 renewed

By on February 21, 2016

Reign will be renewed because of syndication prospects, even though it is four episodes short. The 100 has been getting acceptable ratings for a CBS-produced show.


The CW Predictions: Jane The Virgin certain to be renewed

By on February 14, 2016

Jane The Virgin is certain to be renewed as it is one of the better performing CBS shows on The CW.


The CW Predictions: Crazy Ex-girlfriend to be cancelled

By on February 7, 2016

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has the lowest ratings and, more importantly, the least amount of episodes and is therefore likely to be cancelled.


The CW Predictions: iZombie revisited; will it be cancelled?

By on January 31, 2016

Up until now, we have predicted that iZombie will be renewed due to the show’s ratings. But is that enough for the show to actually get another season come May?