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FOX Predictions: New Girl renewed; What about Lucifer?

By on February 21, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on FOX:

New Girl

New Girl

While it has been receiving the lead-in boost from The X-Files for its entire run so far, Lucifer has been getting solid ratings for a FOX drama. If The X-Files would have been longer than the 6-episode miniseries continuation it is, we would upgrade Lucifer to a Certain Renewal right now. However, since Lucifer will have to run more than half of its episodes without the lead-in, starting on February 29th, we will hold off an upgrade until we see how it copes with that loss. The new Gotham lead-in should make up for a lot, though.

New Girl is currently still a Toss Up, even though it is among FOX’ highest rating comedies. With shows like The Grinder, Grandfathered, Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life and Bordertown on its schedule, FOX has much bigger fish to fry than New Girl. Thus, New Girl is a Certain Renewal.

ShowStatus / Prediction
The SimpsonsRenewed
Bob’s BurgersRenewed
Scream QueensRenewed
New GirlCertain Renewal
Family GuyCertain Renewal
Brooklyn Nine-NineCertain Renewal
GothamCertain Renewal
RosewoodCertain Renewal
The Last Man On EarthLikely Renewal
BordertownLikely Renewal
Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving LifeLikely Renewal
LuciferLikely Renewal
BonesToss Up
The GrinderToss Up
GrandfatheredToss Up
Sleepy HollowLikely Cancellation
Second ChanceCertain Cancellation
Minority ReportEffectively Cancelled

This week's TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • YeahNo

    You seriously think Bordertown is a likely renewal? I want some of what you’re smoking!

    • Daniel Redford

      The thing with shows that air on Sundays is that we’re always one week behind, because our predictions also come out on Sundays. Bordertown was actually doing quite OK until it dropped to a 0.7 last week. We didn’t immediately downgrade it because it could have been a one-time thing (Valentine’s day?). This Sunday’s episode got an 0.7 again, so that pretty much proved that it wasn’t. You can expect a downgrade soon.

      • YeahNo

        Bordertown was never doing “ok”. It’s had a steady and sharp decline since it premiered… and now it’s being moved to the infamous FOX “death slot”.

        If Bordertown gets renewed, I’ll eat my hat.
        EDIT: By the way, you are the only ratings watch that has said “likely renewal” for this show. That should tell you something….

        • Daniel Redford

          Check this out:

          For a FOX comedy, ratings between 1.0 and 1.5 are really ‘ok’, as is increasing between episode 1 and 2. We have made a prediction based on this early information.

          The 0.7’s it got afterwards are of course dreadful, but like I said before, you can expect a downgrade soon. We had other things to write about this week that had a higher priority than Bordertown, and we wanted to wait and see what it would do after that first 0.7.

          Regarding other websites: we make predictions based on a show’s ratings and statements made by the network, cast and crew. Not based on what other websites are predicting. Our current prediction for Bordertown needs an upgrade this week, and that will happen accordingly. But not because other websites are saying so.

          Either way, I love how passionate you are about the subject. We’re always open for discussions about our predictions if you disagree with them. Keep up the good work!