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FOX Predictions: Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life Effectively Cancelled

By on April 25, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on FOX:



In an interesting move, FOX has silently pulled Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life off of its schedule. The episodes that were originally scheduled for today, next week, and the week after have been preempted for The Simpsons repeats. That can only mean one thing: the show is Effectively Cancelled.

With the upfronts nearing quickly, we will need to make calls on every single FOX show. Many shows have already been renewed by the network a while back, and the remaining shows are all shows that have not been performing that well (except for Family Guy and The X-Files). Most of them will be cancelled, as our predictions already reflect. Check back next week for our last regular predictions of the season and the week after, on May 8th, for our Final Predictions.

ShowStatus / Prediction
New GirlRenewed
The SimpsonsRenewed
Bob’s BurgersRenewed
Brooklyn Nine-NineRenewed
The Last Man On EarthRenewed
Scream QueensRenewed
Family GuyCertain Renewal
GrandfatheredLikely Renewal
The X-FilesLikely Renewal
Sleepy HollowCertain Cancellation
BordertownCertain Cancellation
The GrinderCertain Cancellation
Second ChanceCertain Cancellation
Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving LifeEffectively Cancelled
Minority ReportEffectively Cancelled

This week's TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • YeahNo

    Bordertown seriously needs to be taken out back and shot, Old Yeller style.

    Worst thing I’ve seen since Sit Down, Shut Up.