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NBC Predictions: Game Of Silence Cancelled; Heartbeat Cancelled too

By on April 25, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on NBC:

Game Of Silence - Pilot

With the upfronts around the corner, only three weeks to go, we will need to make definitive calls on all the NBC shows. The good news is that no Toss Ups are remaining, but there are five shows that are a Likely Renewal or a Likely Cancellation.

In just two weeks, new series Game Of Silence has lost exactly 50% of its premiere rating in the coveted Adults 18-49 demographic. Since its initial number wasn’t all that high to begin with, this moves the show squarely into Certain Cancellation territory.

It took Heartbeat just a tiny bit longer to get there, but it is at the exact same ratings level as Game Of Silence. Spring shows that do not perform at a solid level are much more likely to get cancelled than Fall series are, so it won’t be a surprise that Heartbeat will be downgraded to a Certain Cancellation as well.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitRenewed
Chicago FireRenewed
Chicago P.D.Renewed
The BlacklistRenewed
Shades Of BlueRenewed
Chicago MedRenewed
The Carmichael ShowLikely Renewal
UndateableLikely Cancellation
CrowdedLikely Cancellation
The Mysteries Of LauraCertain Cancellation
TelenovelaCertain Cancellation
HeartbeatCertain Cancellation
Game Of SilenceCertain Cancellation
Truth Be ToldEffectively Cancelled
The PlayerEffectively Cancelled
You, Me And The ApocalypseCancelled
Heroes RebornMiniseries

This week's TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • Sara

    Why the HELL is HEARTBEAT Canceled its FREAKING better than Law and Order Svu and its still going after Elliot left!!!! NBC just freaking sucks they don’t CARE for there Fan’s the ONLY thing they have for them going for them is the Chicago shows!!!! Up yours NBC and SCREW YOU!!! GO to HELL And EVERYTHING UNDER the SUN!!!! Didn’t even give it a FULL SEASON!!! you SOB’S!!!!

  • Forsa

    really! The producer are the stupidest people I have ever met.

    You really deserve to go out of business as well as the channels carrying all this series,you live the most idiotic shows and renewed them. really!!!
    Who the fuck cares about Grey anatomy, talking about a show that should be canceled, OH yes and Janet the virgin?? again Really!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you nuts or simply uneducated or your rating are complete garbage?

  • rie

    Nbc you are the worst the only shows worth anything on nbc and your screwing it we will NOT be watching the voice anymore because you hire a train wreck Miley, now you cancelled game Of Silence,the only other thing you got going is SVU and that got DVR since criminal minds was on same time

  • Shannon

    Don’t cancel game of silence!!

  • Carol

    Nbc u have the worst programing. The only thing i watch on your network besides game of silence is dateline

  • Mary

    Cancelling Game of silence really what are you guys thinking. You never seem to get it right. Is there a warden running for office that has something on you????!!!