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CBS Predictions: Extant Cancelled or Renewed?

By on September 20, 2015

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:



We will be amping back up the frequency of these Renewals and Cancellations Predictions to weekly on Sundays, because next week is premiere week. Check out our Guide To Surviving Premiere Week here.

Zoo and Extant are CBS’ two current scripted shows without a formal decision one way or the other. Zoo is new, relatively high-rated and has received moderately positive critical acclaim, so it is obvious that it will be renewed.

Extant, on the other hand, is getting ratings lower than the already-cancelled Under The Dome. Of course, there’s the appeal of the A-list cast including Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but then again, there’s the high costs of the A-list cast including Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Last year, the show got similarly low ratings, but was renewed largely due to a big streaming deal with Amazon Instant. Under The Dome had that same streaming deal, but got canned after its third season anyway. Maybe that’s where the end of the road will be for Extant as well. That does mean that it would be renewed once again, though. It is very difficult to tell one way or the other, so we’ll list Extant as a Toss Up.

ShowStatus / Prediction
ZooCertain Renewal
ExtantToss Up
Under The DomeCancelled

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  • RobbyStlrCd

    I cannot understand how Zoo is a shoo-in, but Extant is not. Zoo is OK, but highly implausible in SO many situations. Extant is a well thought-out, exemplary sci-fi drama with some very plausible scenarios that (should) *really* make us think.