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CBS Predictions: BrainDead and American Gothic not impressing

By on June 26, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:


This summer we will keep you posted with predictions for the summer series every last Sunday of the month. So check back on July 31st for our next predictions on the summer line-up at CBS.

The currently highest rating show on CBS is the burn-off of the final season of Person Of Interest. This show was not renewed because it is owned by Warner Bros., which means that CBS only just broke even on the show, as opposed to making 80 million on the CBS-owned Elementary that got similar ratings.

New summer shows BrainDead and American Gothic are both not getting that impressive ratings. In its second episode, BrainDead dropped to an 0.5 in the all-important demographic, and there are no signs yet that it is about to stabilize. American Gothic premiered this week with an 0.7, the same number as BrainDead got for its premiere.

Although new CBS summer shows tend to get renewed for a second season, BrainDead and American Gothic may still be in danger because they premiered with significantly lower numbers than, say, last year’s Zoo. Stay tuned.

ShowStatus / Prediction
BrainDeadToss Up
American GothicToss Up
Angel From HellCancelled
Rush HourCancelled
Person Of InterestFinal Season

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  • beth359

    I love Brain Dead and American Gothic….they are the only good things to watch this summer. I really hope they are renewed.