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NBC Predictions: The Night Shift Renewed, Aquarius Cancelled

By on June 26, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on NBC:

The Night Shift

The Night Shift

This summer we will keep you posted with predictions for the summer series every last Sunday of the month. So check back on July 31st for our next predictions on the summer line-up at NBC.

The Night Shift aired in the summer in its first season, only to move to spring in its second season. That’s quite an unprecedented move, but it has now been sent back to the summer for its third season. As a result, the show has taken a slight hit in the ratings, but it is nevertheless still doing nicely for this time of year. The Night Shift is a Likely Renewal.

Aquarius, on the other hand, barely got 0.4’s for its premiere and second episode. That does not at all bode well for the show. With an expensive lead in David Duchovny, it is unlikely that this is a tenable situation. Aquarius is a Likely Cancellation.

ShowStatus / Prediction
The Night ShiftLikely Renewal
AquariusLikely Cancellation

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