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Season 2016-17: The worst upcoming shows we believe should never have been made

By on June 19, 2016

Kevin Can Wait

We still have an entire summer ahead before the new TV season starts, but we are already looking ahead. During the upfronts the broadcast networks announced which new shows they are putting on the air next season. Although some are looking promising, others look down right terrible. Here’s a list of shows we are not looking forward too.

The Kevin Can Wait and Man With A Plan block (CBS)

Daniel: On paper, this must have sounded great to CBS: Two big-name 90s multi-cam comedy stars are returning to television with hilarious new multi-cam comedies. Except the shows are not hilarious and the stars are underperforming. And to underline the lack of inspiration at CBS, both shows have basically the same premise: A middle-aged blue collar dad retires and is now faced with taking care of his kids while his beautiful wife goes to work. Honestly, this is all just a trainwreck in the making. And from Kevin James, that is about all one can expect, but we know that Matt LeBlanc can do so much better.

Imaginary Mary (ABC)

Robin: Yes, most series starring Jenna Elfman are a little peculiar. But some are more peculiar than others. And some are just crazy. Imaginary Mary falls in the latter category. The basic idea of the series is a woman (Alice, portrayed by Elfman) dating a man with children, but get this: she’s terrified of kids! That’s a good idea for a comedy series, no? Too bad they decided to add an imaginary, fluffy monster called Mary to interfere with Alice’s life. Why? I do not know. Elfman does not need a puppet to express craziness, we all know that from her Dharma & Greg years, and the story doesn’t need it either. All this seems to do is put a strain on the show’s budget and I can’t imagine that being a good thing.

Son Of Zorn (FOX)

Emily: FOX’ upcoming Son Of Zorn centers on an alien who returns to his home on Earth for the first time in 10 years. Originally from the planet Zephyria, Zorn is a legendary warrior and he struggles with the banality of his suburban life on Earth. Up to here, this doesn’t sound that bad. But wait: Zorn is an animated character, and the rest of the series is live-action. I’m not a big fan of this concept since it requires too much suspension of disbelief. There are also just a few examples of movies, let alone TV series, that made the live-action/animation hybrid work. Son Of Zorn doesn’t seem to become a part of this short list

No Tomorrow (The CW)

Robin: Joshua Sasse went from Galavant‘s knight in shining armor (literally) to the hot-but-weird neighbor Xavier who believes the world will end soon. You know, the guy you usually try to ignore because of his crazy theories and his ‘I have to do all the things I wanted to do like RIGHT NOW because the world is going to end!’ way of living. I feel like that is exactly what main character Evie (Tori Anderson, Open Heart) would have done if Xavier wasn’t so attractive. Instead, he convinces her to go on these crazy adventures with him, like singing in public. Even the notion! Honestly, this seize-the-day series is nothing more than a collection of bucket list items loosely bound together by the blossoming love between a crazy person and an even crazier person. And I don’t mean the fun type of crazy, I mean the crazy type of crazy.