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NBC Predictions: The Player Certain Cancellation, Truth Be Told DOA

By on October 18, 2015

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on NBC:

Truth Be Told

There does not seem to be coming an end to The Player’s steady decline in the ratings. It has lost nearly half of the adults 18-49 that watched the premiere, and that were not that many to begin with. The Player is now a Certain Cancellation.

Since last week, NBC has a single hour of comedy on its schedule. It started with the one-hour premiere of Undateable, the first live sitcom in 22 years. This week, Undateable has shrunk to 30 minutes, making room for new series Truth Be Told to lead out from it. However, with an 0.7 in the all-important demographic, Truth Be Told is absolutely DOA (also in terms of quality; check out my review here), so it is immediately downgraded to a Likely Cancellation.

The Mysteries Of Laura is teetering on the edge ratings-wise. Since it received an order for five additional scripts this week, though, we will keep giving it the benefit of the doubt for a little while longer.

ShowStatus / Prediction
BlindspotPicked up for full season
The BlacklistCertain Renewal
Chicago P.D.Toss Up
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitToss Up
The Mysteries Of LauraToss Up
UndateableToss Up
Chicago FireToss Up
Truth Be ToldLikely Cancellation
The PlayerCertain Cancellation
Heroes RebornCertain Cancellation

This week's TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • Jeanan

    WHY would anyone want to watch their shows, you start watching, and get into the story and characters, and then they leave you hanging,every season. No wonder they get so few viewers, Get a Clue!
    American Odyssey, State of Affairas, Blood & Oil,
    All these shows people watch week after week,
    A.D. The Bible Continues and then they just drop them. No wonder people stop paying for cable and satellites, now people are watching tv on their computers, So Where are they getting their minimum count of people watching their shows anyway, when do they decide how many people are watching , at the beginning,middle or end, I could be on a channel watching something prerecorded, that doesn’t mean I’m watching that show just because I’m on that channel. Or I could be flipping thru channels and may be on that show when they decide to at that moment determine how many viewers are watching that show, totally inaccurate!!!!
    Why is it they take all the good shows off and leave the psycho shows on, walking dead, Zombie, and stupid animation shows and comedies that are too stupid and distasteful to even watch ?Good shows like Crisis, Stalker, The Messengers, Eye Candy,
    The Whispers, Hostages, CSI, THE Following, and now Reign on the Ce is in danger it’s pretty sad when trashy tv shows and vampire and zombie shows get priority over really high quality talent!!!

    • Daniel Redford

      Actually, they drop the shows because not that many people are watching them. Also, networks aren’t outright cancelling new shows anymore lately, but reducing episode orders, so the writers can come up with some sort of conclusion to the story. And of course, if they would never cancel shows, there would be no room for new things (and the network would go bankrupt too).