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NBC Predictions: Taxi Brooklyn likely to be renewed

By on September 7, 2014

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on NBC:

During the summer there are fewer series airing and thus we will be making our predictions every other week. Starting in September, we will resume our normal routine in which we predict the future of the shows every week.


On NBC Taxi Brooklyn is the last scripted summer series which is airing new episodes. The ratings of the show have gone up a bit in the past few weeks. Since the series is a co-production and the costs of the production are lower compared to a normal series, NBC is likely to renew Taxi Brooklyn for a second season. In the comedy section, NBC aired both Welcome To Sweden and Working The Engels until a few weeks ago. The latter has been cancelled while Welcome To Sweden has been granted a second season.

In a little over a week The Mysteries Of Laura will have its debut on Wednesday night. A few days later the shows The Blacklist and Chicago PD will return for a second season, among other returning shows. Which shows are you most excited about to premiere?


ShowStatus / Prediction
The Night ShiftRenewed
Welcome To SwedenRenewed
Taxi BrooklynLikely Renewal
Working The EngelsCancelled

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  • sarakerrigan

    Oh. they HAVE to renew Taxi Brooklyn. It is one of the best shows this summer. Please, please, please!!!!!!

    • Yuri

      It really is, I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago and it is very good.

  • Susi

    The season finale of Taxi Brooklyn was killer… literally! What an awesome show! The problem was that it followed the final results show of America’s Got Talent, which ran over by almost 15 minutes. I had Taxi Brooklyn recording, and when I went to watch it, I didn’t have the ending. I had to go watch it on demand. I wonder if the lower ratings had anything to do with the fact that AGT ran so late.

    • Aiy’Anna

      I know right I had to watch through the entire show over on Comcast On Demand. But it was worth it I was near tears by the end.

  • Thom

    I’ve enjoyed all episodes of Taxi Brooklyn, with the exception of the season finale episode (112, Revenge). The previous 11 episodes were interesting, with humorous moments popping up due to how the characters interacted. This made the characters interesting, and i enjoyed watching them. But episode 12 was dark and humorless, completely unlike the previous 11 episodes. It was as if the writers were writing for completely different show.

    I’m looking forward to more of this show, but I hope they aren’t in the same vein as episode 12.