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Agent X

Agent X

Agent X has concluded its run after 1 season.

Original run: 2015



Synopsis (also check out the trailer below):
Sharon Stone stars in Agent X as a hard-working political phenomenon, who is the newly-elected first female Vice President of the United States, Natalie Maccabee. She is a talented woman whose calm demeanour masks an overly active mind, and her election is the culmination of a rapid rise to prominence following tragedy – she having initially campaigned for a Senate seat in place of her late husband. In her new role, she quickly learns that her duties go far beyond the ceremonial. It transpires that her job is to protect the Constitution in times of crisis, along with her Chief Steward, and an unseen secret operative referred to as Agent X. This operative protects the US from threats at times of crisis and heightened vulnerability, when a more ‘unconventional’ approach is required. The Agent is always hidden and their identity remains unknown – but they are trained and ready to serve at the word of the Vice President.