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Preview: The Catch (ABC) - A sexy game of cat and mouse

By on March 5, 2016

The Catch

The Catch

After How To Get Away With Murder concludes its second season and vacates a spot in the successful TGIT programming block on ABC, The Catch will take over its timeslot. This marks Shonda Rhimes’ fourth drama on the same network in the same TV season, a feat only matched by Dick Wolf with his four procedurals on NBC.

In The Catch, Mireille Enos (The Killing) stars as Alice Vaughan, the top private investigator of Los Angeles. She investigates fraud for a living, but is not completely upfront herself. When her fiancé (Peter Krause, Parenthood) turns out to be an elite con man who disappears with Alice’s millions, she goes on a personal mission of payback and will not rest until she can exact revenge. No matter where that leads her and not matter which secrets she has to keep.

In the trailer above, Alice’s fiancé is portrayed by Damon Dayoub, but he has been replaced with Parenthood’s Peter Krause after the pilot was filmed. A new promo for the show has been released this week during The Oscars, which does feature Enos and Krause together.

The Catch looks like a typical Shondaland drama with a strong female lead character that moves through a world of power, wealth, luxury and sex. While it is not immediately clear what the episodes of The Catch will look like on a weekly basis, that may be part of the appeal of the show. Most likely, though, Alice will remain working cases for her private investigator business. However, like Scandal has done over the seasons, these cases may be featured less prominently as the overarching storyline progresses.

The Catch will get the timeslot of How To Get Away With Murder in the TGIT block on Thursdays at 10/9c. Thematically, this timeslot fits the show like a glove, and it will give it a great boost in the ratings. It’s a timeslot of freshman series, as The Catch is up against CBS’ new series Rush Hour and NBC’s Shades Of Blue (and starting April 7, another new series Game Of Silence). All in all, The Catch should be perfectly fine.

The Catch airs on Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.