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NBC: Siberia is Certain to be Cancelled, as is Crossing Lines. Camp is not upgraded to a Likely Renewal just yet.

By on August 18, 2013

Other NBC Renewal and Cancellation news:



Siberia is definitely the black sheep of drama TV. It seems that half of all viewers are unaware this is in fact not an actual reality TV series gone wrong (kudos to NBC on that one), and the other half are merely watching due to the LOST-effect; desperately wanting answers for all the questions the episodes invoke. However, contrary to LOST, Siberia provides no answers whatsoever. It shows in the ratings; the series is hovering between a 0.7 and a 0.8 in the adults 18-49 demographic. Not enough for a renewal, and in fact not even enough to be a Toss Up or a Likely Cancellation. Siberia is therefore a Certain Cancellation.

Camp was doing really good in the ratings and was on the verge of becoming a Likely Renewal. However, this week it scored a rating of only 0.9, dropping three tenths and scoring a series low rating. Therefore, we cannot upgrade it. However, should the ratings go up again to their former glory, Camp may just be upgraded.

No episode aired for Crossing Lines, so the prediction remains a Certain Cancellation.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Chicago FireRenewed
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitRenewed
Parks and RecreationRenewed
CampToss Up
Crossing LinesCertain Cancellation
Save MeCertain Cancellation
SiberiaCertain Cancellation
1600 PennCancelled
Go OnCancelled
Guys With KidsCancelled
The New NormalCancelled
Up All NightCancelled

This week’s TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • u ******* bigg tyme

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!ยก! U done ****** up siberia was great you was always left wanting more but everything got ****** up and then u changed the viewing time and put some new dumb **** on their instead maybe if you stuck to a reliable schedule and showed more previews u wouldn’t have wasted so much money and my time looking for siberia for like 2wks. That was and still is very disapointing so **** **** u very muck like you’ve ****** me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………….

    [This comment has been moderated by TV Watch U.S.]

  • u ******* bigg tyme

    Why don’t you just put tale of the crypt on tv then u ********* at least that’s better then what your renewing and ur toss ups they all **** any way

    [This comment has been moderated by TV Watch U.S.]

    • Daniel Redford

      We at TV Watch U.S. love seeing people so invested with the future of a TV show as you seem to be. After all, this site is specifically aimed at people like you! However, we do not accept the kind of language you use, and therefore I have moderated your comment.

      I’d like to point out that (unfortunately!) we are in no way affiliated with any network and have no influence whatsoever on the renewal or cancellation (or scheduling) of shows like Siberia. We merely make predictions about what the networks will do with their shows, taking into account the ratings and other factors that influence their decision.

      I absolutely agree with you that NBC should have done more promotion for their scripted summer shows. Hopefully they’ll try again next summer, and do a better job of attracting viewers to our favorite shows!