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No. Just no. Do not waste your time watching this series. In fact, I would almost go as far as saying do not waste your time reading this review, but then I will have watched the series for nothing so I won’t say that. But seriously, this thing is awful.

Your Family Or Mine is based on the mother of all clichés: weird in-laws. But it doesn’t stop there. Every character in this series is a cliché. So much so that I don’t even remember their names, all I remember is the chewed-out persona the actors had to play and how bad they did it. For reference purposes I will now list these god awful characters for you.

The first is the seemingly normal but actually pretty weird couple portrayed by Kyle Howard (My Boys) and Kat Foster (‘Til Death), whom I will be referring to as John and Jane, because I cannot be bothered to look up their names. Then, there’s John’s father (Richard Dreyfuss, Weeds), who is weirdly porn-obsessed, and his mother (JoBeth Williams, Private Practice) who does nothing but criticize her daughter-in-law because she feels her son could have done better. John’s brother (Danny Comden, Dirt) is a doctor, but if he is as good at his job as he is at being a husband and father I would not want him to be my doctor. And finally, we have John’s brother’s wife, who is desperately looking for approval from her mother-in-law which she will never ever receive as long as she lives.

So what do they do? Nothing much. They spy on the babysitter all night, while dad makes too much inappropriate comments about porn and mom tries to find excuses as to why her daughter’s-in-law are dumb/loud/inappropriate/scum of the Earth (take your pick). Jane (or whatever her name was) is trying to ignore her mother-in-law but ends up with a small victory because her children found their grandmother to be scary instead of her. Apparently, that is enough to make her day. Good for her. Nothing interesting for us, unfortunately.

Then there’s the storyline of the babysitter, whose friend is heartbroken because her boyfriend broke up with her. What the babysitter’s friend doesn’t know is that the babysitter is actually sleeping with the (ex)boyfriend. Although this is the most interesting part of the entire episode, it is actually just a setup for granddad’s innuendos. Which says a lot, I suppose.

And there you have it. That is the pilot episode of Your Family Or Mine. I’m sure next week they will visit her side of the family and experience something even crazier. Crazier than looking at a laptop for an entire evening, can you imagine?! Be still, my beating heart! But in all seriousness, this was just the worst. The actors seemed to be struggling, the dialogue was ridiculous, the jokes were far from funny, everything has been done before in other series, and it all came together in one big pile of nope. There’s a half-hour of my life I will never get back. But hey, if you watched it and enjoyed it: good for you! If you haven’t watched it: please, for the love of God, don’t.

Your Family Or Mine has concluded its run after 1 season.

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  • Dee

    We shut it off after the first 10 minutes. Wasn’t funny. Just plain awful.

    • Well Dee, I wanted to do exactly the same thing. Of course I couldn’t since I needed to write this review (and we do try to give every series a fair chance) but boy, did I want to!

  • Lauren

    Just like Dee, we also shut it off. It was just plain awful. It pains me to realize that this is what the television industry thinks that this is what their target audience would find entertaining.

  • Alexis Topolu

    It’s so painful I turned it off after less than 10 minutes. What’s up with the old school laugh track???

  • Sherry Sapp

    Totally agree and I really WANTED to like it.