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Review: Transporter: The Series (TNT) – Lots and lots of action, no character development

By on October 17, 2014

Transporter: The Series

Transporter: The Series

Starting on October 18th, TNT will air the international co-production Transporter: The Series. The show is co-produced by the French Atlantique Productions and the Canadian QVF inc, but English spoken. Based on the Transporter film series, this show centers on Frank (Chris Vance, All Saints), a former British SAS operative whose current job it is to transport anything, anywhere, no questions asked. Frank is a highly trained driver with excellent combat and survival skills. Transporter: The Series premiered about two years ago in Germany, France and Canada and has recently begun its second season in Canada.

Frank’s job description is quite simple. He transports whatever you need transported, be it a human or a package, or both, as long as you pay. He has but three simple rules: never change the deal, no names, and never open the package. On Frank’s first two jobs featured in the series, he manages to break several of these rules. Apparently he doesn’t like rules that much, not even his own.

In the first episode, which is set in France, Frank will have to transport a new technology and a pretty lady from Nice to Paris. Unfortunately for them, the technology is worth killing for. Thus, soon after he starts his job, they are hunted by hitmen. A bunch of car chases and lots of kicked asses later, Frank delivers the package and the lady safely to Paris. On this job alone, Frank managed to break all three of his rules. In this case breaking the third rule, never open the package, entails he opened the legs of the pretty lady.

I will not go over the details of the second episode, which will also air on October 18th, but it pretty much is more of the same. Lots of car chases (seriously, this dude ends up in a car chase every other second), lots of fighting and let’s not forget, more hot (naked) women.



Transporter: The Series is quite a unique show. There are not many series on TV these days that are so one dimensional. Although this concept works great for many feature films (James Bond, Transporter), this series isn’t doing it for me. The show features absolutely no emotional side, except for when Frank is trying to seduce another fine lady. Even 24 had more depth to it than Transporter: The Series.

Now, I’m not saying any show without an emotional side to the story is bad. 24 for example was a successful show, but didn’t feature much emotion. However, Transporter: The Series is very one dimensional and predictable. Every other minute there is an ‘epic’ car chase or an ‘epic’ fighting scene where Frank always ends up on top. Although the acting of the main actors is good, many of the other actors are, no matter what they earn, overpaid. Not that the script for these small roles is very good.

Transporter: The Series is a predictable show, where the main character wins every fight and can get any lady he wants. The show doesn’t pique my interest at all. Nonetheless, the series has already gotten a second season which is currently airing in Canada and which will also air in Germany and France. Since the series is an international co-production it is probably not that expensive to make for the individual companies involved, since cost can be shared between the multiple companies. Thus it is likely TNT will also go for the second season.

Transporter: The Series has concluded its run after 2 seasons.

  • JonDelfin

    “The show doesn’t peak my interest at all.” But does it pique it?

    • Whoops! Glad I caught this epic fail before I posted it on the internet, NOT!

      • JonDelfin

        You’re part of a grand tradition (HitFix, TV Guide, TV Line, Entertainment Weekly, etc.) of self-editing entertainment writers. One measly homophone, though, puts you very low on the list.

  • Agreed. I got bored after the first episode…