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Review: Salvation (CBS) – Well, that’s no fun!

By on July 13, 2017



Salvation is the story of a handful of geniuses trying to prevent the Earth from blowing up in about six months. MIT grad student Liam Cole (Charlie Rowe, Red Band Society) discovers an asteroid heading for Earth and joins a group of smart people to try and save the world. The group consists of tech magnate Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera, Heroes), Deputy Defense Secretary Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale, Hawaii Five-0), Pentagon Information Officer Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan, Tyrant), and Liam, of course.

When Liam discovers the asteroid, he reaches out to Darius, who was already planning for the end of the world before even knowing about the asteroid. The NSA goes into full panic mode when they notice Liam and Darius know about the asteroid, because the authorities have been keeping it a secret from the public. That’s right, the threat Liam found was already being taken care of by the government, represented by Grace and Harris.

Then there’s plucky young reporter Amanda (Shazi Raja, High Maintenance), who is determined to get to the truth. Revealing the truth will, of course, instill mass hysteria and f— everything up, but that’s not Amanda’s concern as she is the archetype ‘annoying journalist’ who does not seem to be able to think outside of her “must get news to the public” mission. Yawn.

The characters’ personal lives are supposed to make the series more interesting and relatable, but the series manages to make their lives seem a little boring. At times it’s difficult to understand why the characters do what they do, which is exactly the type of thing you would expect to understand with all of their personal lives being on display so much.

Liam may seem like a true hero, but his decision to help save the world is inspired purely by his desire to impress a girl he’s fallen for – which only took him a day. She thinks it would be the right thing to do, so off Liam goes. Not quite the hero I was thinking of when I first read about Salvation‘s storyline.

His role is somewhat important though. He is the youngster who will bring the older, more experienced people new insights. There’s quite an opportunity for humor there, but this series doesn’t make use of that opportunity. Or any of the opportunities for laughs, for that matter. Which is a shame, because even though Salvation is about something as dramatic as the destruction of Earth, other series and films have already shown how fun can make the impact of a dramatic subject that much bigger.

Bonus points for including Neil deGrasse Tyson though.

Salvation airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.