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Review: Making History (FOX) – Not making history on FOX

By on March 6, 2017

Making History - Pilot

Making History - Pilot

Making History is one of the two time-travel-centered series to debut last night. The two, however, take a very different approach to the matter, so if you didn’t like Time After Time, maybe Making History will be to your liking.

Making History centers on three friends, Dan (Adam Pally, The Mindy Project), Deborah (Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl) and Chris (Yassir Lester, writer for Girls). Dan is a facilities manager at a small Massachusetts college. He recently discovered time travel and uses it to travel to the past every weekend and sometimes on Wednesdays. There he meets up with his girlfriend Deborah and drinks a pint with his friends John Hancock (John Gemberling, Broad City) and Sam Adams (Neil Casey, UCB Comedy Originals).

However, Dan realizes he has changed the course of history by changing the past when on one fateful morning in 1775, he has a run-in with some British folk. He hears no one has announced the arrival of the British with the famous words “The British are coming” at the start of the American Revolution. (Little history lesson: it actually never happened this way. Although Paul Revere did warn the citizens of Lexington, he never made it to Concord.) Dan realizes he’s in deep trouble and manages to convince history professor Chris to step into his time traveling duffel bag and save the present.





Making History is a comedy, but truth be told, I wasn’t laughing as much as I anticipated. First off, Making History is a comedy on FOX. That network is known to have some pretty weird, yet successful comedies. Making History fits well into the first category, as it is indeed quite weird. Its humor is mostly based on awkward situations, and much less on well-placed dialogue.

As for being successful, I’m not so sure about that one yet. It’s adults 18-49 rating wasn’t that great, although it could’ve been much worse. In addition the show’s episode order was cut from 13 to 9 episodes (of course supposedly due to scheduling issues), which is never a good sign. Add to this the fact that, although Making History was entertaining for a bit, it fails to entertain enough to get me excited about the next episode. Basically, Making History is a show you watch when you’ve been sitting on the couch all night and the remote is too far away for you to switch the channel, but next week you’ll make sure the remote is closer to you so you can watch something else.

Making History has concluded its run after 1 season.