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Review: Famous In Love (Freeform) – Freeform in all its glory

By on April 19, 2017

Famous In Love

Famous In Love

Will Famous In Love be the new hit series in the wake of Pretty Little Liars? Just like the latter, Famous In Love is based on a novel. The teenage drama is a perfect fit for Freeform, since it’s full of secrets, drama and teenage love. Although the show is a little bit of an empty shell, the shell might be shiny enough to interest Freeform’s target audience.

Famous In Love centers on Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne, Shake It Up!) a ‘nobody’ with acting aspirations. On her very first audition, Paige manages to make a good impression and she gets a callback. On her second audition for the role, she blasts the casting directors away with her performance and she lands the role.

Although the series logline suggests Famous In Love centers on Paige and her efforts to navigate her new star-studded life and combine this with her ‘normal’ life with her ‘normal’ friends, Famous In Love mostly focusses on the secrets, lies, drama and sexy business of the world Paige is suddenly thrust in.



To name just a few of the intrigues: Paige has just confessed her love to roommate Jake Salt (recent arrival Charlie DePew), but now has met two very handsome costars, Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins, Surface) and Jordan Wilder (Keith Powers, Faking It), who she clearly feels something for as well. Also, the mother of Rainer, Nina (Perrey Reeves, Entourage) has a (secret) sexual relationship with Jordan. And pretty much everyone else in this series has an affair with at least one person or is just generally a person who sleeps around. Even Paige’s best friend Cassandra (newcomer Georgie Flores) seems to be keeping a secret from Paige, one that possibly involves sleeping with a much older man.

Basically, Famous In Love is an unbelievable story about a world most of us at some point dreamed of being part of. The series stars only pretty boys and pretty girls, whom young teenagers are sure to idolize and look up to. Unfortunately, most of these actors are cast based on their looks, and not so much on their acting skills. Although the acting got better as the pilot went on, it was still pretty much all you’d expect for a Freeform show. Famous In Love is trying to be a character-driven show but has empty shells as characters Nonetheless, throwing enough drama into the mix might just be enough to make this show into a moderate success. Oh, and don’t forget the missing actress the logline promised us, who hasn’t come up yet in the pilot episode.

Famous In Love has an uncertain fate.