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Preview: Downward Dog (ABC) – ABC is ruining both dogs and TV

By on April 28, 2017

Downward Dog

Downward Dog

The comedy Downward Dog is based on a web series told from the perspective of a dog, Martin (voiced by Seven Days director/writer Samm Hodges). Martin’s owner is called Nan (Allison Tolman, Fargo), and she has just broken up with her boyfriend. She immerses herself in her work at Bow Outfitters, leaving Martin home alone. He deals with it by destroying things, like Nan’s favorite boots or an important presentation. But, even though they make life difficult for each other, Nan and Martin may be the best thing for each other.

What to say about this series. First off; I’m a dog person. I love dogs, and almost nothing can make me dislike them. Which is why it’s so impressive that Downward Dog seems to be able to do just that. I mean, they animated the dog’s mouth for God’s sake. Is this supposed to be a children’s show? Is the season finale going to be a revelation of the ‘It was all a dream!’ type?

If the premise of this show revolves solely around Martin wrecking Nan’s stuff I have an easy solution: don’t work 60 hours a week and leave your dog home alone, it’s called separation anxiety! No, your dog isn’t taking revenge, it’s distressed! As you can tell, this series pushes my buttons, and I haven’t even seen a full episode yet. This spells doom.

Downward Dog is up against NCIS on CBS, The Flash on The CW, Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX and America’s Got Talent on NBC. Although Downward Dog is the only mockumentary from a pet’s point of view, I’m pretty sure it won’t garner too much attention. No need to tune in to this one, people, especially since ABC has programmed the rest of the night with repeats. It’s like they know…

Downward Dog has concluded its run after 1 season.

  • Kevin Rhoads

    Why air this against America,s got talent? ABC shame on you.kill it before it has a chance. fire abc executives!!!