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Preview: American Gods (Starz) – But Odin, so not really American

By on April 12, 2017

American Gods

American Gods

American Gods focuses on a man named Shadow Moon (yes, his name sounds like a dog’s name), who is released from prison early when his wife is killed. Shadow (portrayed by The 100‘s Ricky Whittle) then meets a man (Ian McShane, Pirates Of The Caribbean) who offers him a job as a bodyguard. Little does Shadow know, this man is in fact the god Odin, who is gathering all the old gods to confront the ever growing new gods: Media and Technology.

There’s something about this trailer that makes me very excited. The story on its own is great, but on top of that the trailer promises such a great execution that I can’t wait to watch this series. Seeing ‘the old gods’ portrayed in a series is always fun, but the fact that they’ve made two new gods, Media and Technology, is a nice twist. The fight between old and new is always happening, and to see it personified should be very interesting.

American Gods is in between seasons. Season 2 will premiere in Midseason 2017-18.