Review: The Mayor (ABC) – Lighthearted And Funny Political Satire

The Mayor revolves around struggling rapper Courtney Rose, who runs for mayor of his hometown as a publicity stunt for his new album. The creators have managed to make The Mayor not at all cynical or polarizing, which is quite a feat for political satire.

Review: Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC) – Good Show, Bad Title

Kevin (Probably) Saves The World is a new ABC dramedy starring Jason Ritter (Parenthood) as a not so spiritual guy who gets visited by a messenger of God, Yvette. Played by Kimberly Hebert Gregory (Vice Principals), Yvette has an important message for Kevin (Ritter): Save the world.

Review: 9JKL (CBS) – Watch It For The Supporting Cast Only

9JKL is a simple multi-camera comedy that goes for the easy laughs. It knows that it is, and it doesn’t try to be anything more. But Linda Lavin and Elliott Gould, but also Mark Feuerstein himself, deserve a much better series than this.