Review: Dynasty (The CW) – When did Dynasty become a documentary?

The CW’s Dynasty in essence is much like the old Dynasty, but updated to the current times. There’s a murder mystery, there’s affairs, there’s decadence, there’s everything you need to escape the real world for a while. Or there would be, if our lives weren’t filled with backstage views of the rich and famous.

Review: Valor (The CW) – Deserves a Medal For Trying

The CW’s Valor centers on two elite helicopter pilots who kept an important secret about their last failed mission. Now things are starting to unravel and they try to discover why they have been lied to.

Review: Ghost Wars (Syfy) – Why So Few Friendly Ghosts?

Ghost Wars might not be the perfect series to wind down with after a day at work due to its scary nature, but it will entertain you. If you’re up for some horror, but mostly drama and mystery than Ghost Wars is the series for you.