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CBS Cancels Training Day and Ransom

By on May 17, 2017

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:

Training Day

Training Day

Most people will be thinking, CBS cancelled which shows? Believe it or not, CBS had two shows that mostly went unnoticed. Training Day did, how should I put this…, not great in the ratings. At one point the show was moved from Thursday night to Saturday night. That always means the show is about to be cancelled, or rather, it means the show has been cancelled but the network still wants to air the leftover episodes.

The other show, Ransom, started its run on Saturdays. A very unusual move, but since it was mostly financed by international partners, it didn’t have to rake in tons of money to get even. Obviously, Ransom failed in the ratings and did not even beat the reruns of Crimetime Saturday, the usual timeslot owner on the network. So, despite being cheap, Ransom wasn’t worth it, and CBS made the obvious choice to cut it.