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FOX Final Predictions: Rosewood and New Girl Cancelled; Shots Fired Renewed

By on May 7, 2017

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on FOX:



The broadcast upfront presentations for 2017 are near, and that means that it is time for our Final Predictions. The networks will announce whether their remaining shows will be renewed or cancelled around the end of the week. FOX will announce its Fall 2017 schedule at its upfront presentation that will take place on May 15th, starting at 4 PM ET. Follow us on Twitter for the latest!

24: Legacy and Prison Break are FOX’ high-profile revivals. Neither is doing really great in the ratings, but they are doing just good enough to be renewed. And of course, it would be a little embarrassing for FOX to cancel these shows right away. They are Likely Renewals.

Somewhat unexpectedly, Shots Fired is doing quite well for FOX. It is not exactly Empire, but its ratings are just good enough and, most importantly, they are very steady. That means that FOX will probably want to see more of it. Shots Fired is a Likely Renewal.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Certain Renewal, because it already has a syndication deal through season five, and it is currently only in its fourth. New Girl, on the other hand is an aging and thus expensive show that is not doing that well in the ratings anymore. It has had a great run, but FOX better say goodbye to it now. New Girl is a Likely Cancellation.

For a while this season, it looked like Rosewood was going to get renewed. However, by now it has dropped quite a lot in the ratings and with 24: Legacy, Prison Break and Shots Fired, FOX doesn’t really need it to fill its schedule anymore. Rosewood is a Likely Cancellation.

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