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CBS Predictions: 2 Broke Girls canceled, Superior Donuts renewed

By on March 19, 2017

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls

As if we needed more reinsurance on the upcoming renewal of The Big Bang Theory, CBS announced this week that is will bring us a spinoff of the show about Sheldon’s early years. Clearly, this means The Big Bang Theory will stick around for another year.

But what about the comedies 2 Broke Girls and Superior Donuts? Both shows are, ratings-wise, at the bottom of the pack. For 2 Broke Girls this could very well mean a cancellation is in sight. The show is in syndication, but not owned by CBS and quite expensive to make by now. As a result, CBS will not earn big money on the show, and its incentive to renew it is not very big.

However, for Superior Donuts, these ratings could be enough to get it to another season. The show is still young, and hence relatively cheap to make, and, also very important, it is owned by CBS. This means every penny the show makes goes straight into CBS’ pocket.

Although the shows get roughly the same ratings. 2 Broke Girls is likely to be canceled and Superior Donuts is likely to be renewed. This situation shows very well how different aspects come together in (predicting) renewals and cancellations and that it’s not just about how many people enjoy watching the show.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Criminal MindsCertain Renewal
NCIS: Los AngelesCertain Renewal
Hawaii Five-0Certain Renewal
Blue BloodsCertain Renewal
The Big Bang TheoryCertain Renewal
NCIS: New OrleansCertain Renewal
Madam SecretaryCertain Renewal
ScorpionCertain Renewal
BullCertain Renewal
MomLikely Renewal
Life In PiecesLikely Renewal
Kevin Can WaitLikely Renewal
MacGyverLikely Renewal
Man With A PlanLikely Renewal
The Great IndoorsLikely Renewal
Superior DonutsLikely Renewal
Criminal Minds: Beyond BordersToss Up
ElementaryLikely Cancellation
2 Broke GirlsLikely Cancellation
Code BlackLikely Cancellation
RansomLikely Cancellation
The Odd CoupleCertain Cancellation
Training DayEffectively Cancelled
Pure GeniusEffectively Cancelled

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