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The CW has decided not to extend the initial episode orders for both its freshman series Frequency and No Tomorrow. This is the first season in its 11-year existence that the network hasn’t handed a back-order to any of its freshman shows.

Rather, the last three seasons every single freshman got a back-order. Over the past 11 years, only four shows precede Frequency and No Tomorrow in not getting an additional episode order, the most recent being Emily Owens, M.D. in the 2012-13 season (yes, we barely remembered that one as well).

It is clear that these are somewhat uncharted waters for The CW, and there is still a slight chance that the five upcoming midseason shows bomb. It is only for that reason that we will now downgrade Frequency and No Tomorrow to Certain Cancellations. Because on any other network, they would have been listed as Effectively Cancelled.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Jane The VirginCertain Renewal
The FlashCertain Renewal
DC’s Legends Of TomorrowCertain Renewal
SupernaturalLikely Renewal
ArrowLikely Renewal
SupergirlLikely Renewal
Crazy Ex-girlfriendLikely Cancellation
No TomorrowCertain Cancellation
FrequencyCertain Cancellation
The Vampire DiariesFinal Season
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  • Glenda Cuddy

    I love No Tomorrow and I think the CW is crazy to cancel it!

  • Christopher Ryan

    Problem is that they think he ratings suck and that no one likes the show, but there are tons of people like me that don’t watch television. I just discovered no tomorrow on Netflix and I love the show. Just finished watching it.

    • Well, Netflix pays The CW (or rather, production company CBS) for the streaming rights of the show. So it may be indirect, and ratings are a little more fuzzy (especially to the public), but in a way, you’re definitely contributing to the income for the show and therefore, making it slightly more likely to get renewed.
      Of course it is true that TV ratings are still the main component in deciding whether the show gets renewed, but (especially for The CW) it is really not the only thing.

  • Noneyabiz

    I found this on Netflix a few weeks ago and I love it! I really hope they don’t cancel it. I used to love crazy ex-girlfriend but it’s become eh lately. I’d rather them make closure on that show and give No tomorrow another season.

  • Querent

    No Tomorrow was a fun show, but I find its male lead, Joshua Sasse, gag-inducing. In addition, its minor characters are a bunch of low-credibility, low interest, not very likable filler material. I think we’ll be seeing more of Tori Anderson and Jesse Rath, both of whom are quite appealing, but personally, I’ll be giving any future projects with Joshua Sasse a miss. His accent drives me crazy. It’s one of those Australian accents where it seems the goal is to substitute the unlikeliest possible vowel in the pronunciations of words. That may, in fact, be what he’s doing, since he’s not Australian, like the character, but British. Also, his kewpie doll looks clash badly with his incipient baldness, and the point on his head makes him look like some kind of freak. I just don’t want to watch him anymore.

    The show had a fun premise, but it was obviously going to be a short term series. The plot reached its logical conclusion, and that’s the end. It’s a good place to stop.