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One week from now, all hell will break loose in broadcast TV. Between the 11th and 14th of May, the big five networks, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and The CW will hold their annual upfronts, during which they announce their Fall schedules. Current shows that do not appear on these schedules are automatically cancelled. The CW’ upfront takes place during the morning of May 14th, but networks usually renew or cancel their current shows a few days before their upfront meeting.

What? The CW Upfront
When? May 14th, morning
Where? New York City

These are our final renewal and cancellation predictions before the upfronts. As soon as the decisions are announced, we will update this list. Below the list, we explain how we came to these predictions.

ShowStatus / Prediction
SupernaturalRenewed on January 13th
The Vampire DiariesRenewed on January 13th
ArrowRenewed on January 13th
Beauty And The BeastRenewed on January 13th
Jane The VirginRenewed on January 13th
The OriginalsRenewed on January 13th
The 100Renewed on January 13th
ReignRenewed on January 13th
The FlashRenewed on January 13th
iZombieLikely Renewal
The MessengersCertain Cancellation
Hart Of DixieEffectively Cancelled on February 13th Officially cancelled on May 7th

The CW has renewed nearly all of its series already. However, there are three series without an official statement. Hart Of Dixie is one of them, and the show is effectively cancelled. Several actors and creators of the show slipped up on Twitter when they talked about the upcoming finale of the show, making it obvious they knew more about Hart Of Dixie’s future than most people.

The two shows of which the fate is actually undetermined are iZombie and The Messengers. The very recently premiered The Messengers has been doing badly in the ratings from the beginning. There is truly no hope for a renewal at all for the series. iZombie is doing much better in the adults 18-49 demographic. Most weeks, the show is the third best rating drama series on the network. Usually this would certainly grant a show a renewal, but since The CW has already renewed so many of its shows, iZombie‘s odds suddenly are slimming. Nonetheless, it is likely the network is eager to somehow make room for the show on its schedule next season.

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  • Emski Hammer ;)

    Secret and Lies is only a mini series and doesnt go pass into another season and hardly is a single season of a show anyhow so not really cancelled

    Surpised that CSI is being cancelled

    Seems Medical, Police & supernatural shows are doing the best – Of course Agents of Shield works
    And Glad that Jane the Virgin is continuing think the format of that show really works for the viewers !!

    Upset that the Messengers will be cancelled i haven’t caught an episode but the teasers were great

    Really sad that there are great shows Like Agent Carter !! which arent getting the recognition they deserve specially if its due to the network faults 🙁
    so annoying they should of had it after or before the agents of shields Dah ! right ?

    • Actually, Secrets & Lies is billed as an anthology series, meaning that every season will focus on a different story, while it still being the same series (think American Horror Story on FX). In that respect, it could very well be renewed or cancelled.

      And yes, procedurals, whether medical, legal, police or supernatural, are always popular because they make for easy viewing. For a series like that, it is not a disaster if you miss an episode. As a result, people don’t give up on a series as easily when the episodes pile up on their DVRs.

  • I’m pretty certain he does not. He just hasn’t announced it yet.

  • Nielsen only measures the viewers who watch a series live and via DVR within a certain time range. Thus the ratings say nothing about online views, and that’s the way it is supposed to be. Networks are all about money, so if they don’t make enough money (either via regular TV commercials, online commercials or any other means of making a profit) the show is going to get cut. Networks usually take into account online views, but that’s just not a part of what Nielsen reports. Nielsen truly has no hand whatsoever in the decision whether a show will be renewed or not, they just measure what they’re supposed to measure and share this information with the networks.

  • samanthea


    • Onetreehillfan Onetreehillfan

      Do you know who is responsible for looking into abc family On Demand and checking the abc family programing show raitings on On Demand

      its because I am watching tons of abc family programming shows on On Demand and the networks are not receiving the raitings

  • Onetreehillfan Onetreehillfan

    Beauty and the beast abd other shows know that the ranking systems are so bad they understand why the raitings are so bad I know that the ranking systems are 2003 or 2005 and super old

  • Onetreehillfan Onetreehillfan

    I have no idea why chasing life is moving to 10pm

    I have no time to watch it on tv because I need my sleep what I am afraid that the raitings will go bad and abc family will cancel it I really want chasing life season 2 On on demand so I can watch it fron their

    There are millions of people watching abc family programming shows on On Demand DVR Netflixs online and Hulu even though people can’t watch on tv

  • Onetreehillfan Onetreehillfan

    Abc family Stitchers is a beautiful show love it I am watching and brother me the most is I am watching all the abc family shows on On Demand and

    Abc family is not counting my raitings and not checking on how many people are watching abc family shows on On Demand DVR

    I have no idea why Stitchers raitings are bad