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During the summer there are fewer series airing and thus we will be making our predictions every other week. Starting in September, we will resume our normal routine in which we predict the future of the shows of every week.

In the last two weeks, four scripted series have started airing original episodes on CBS. These four series are: Extant, Reckless, Under The Dome and Unforgettable.

Extant had its series premiere this week, and it scored a 1.6 in adults 18-49. Not an amazing score, but definitely not a terrible one either. It is expected to drop next week; a drop most series experience when airing their second episode. However, given its current status as the second highest rating drama on CBS, by far, and the fact that even when it drops it will most likely remain far above the average, we will upgrade it to a Likely Renewal.

The highest rating drama currently airing on CBS is Under The Dome. It returned to a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating two weeks ago, and scored a 1.7 this week. As it is the highest rating series on CBS at the moment, we will upgrade it to a Certain Renewal.

This leaves us with the two lower rating series on CBS: Reckless and Unforgettable. Reckless premiered to a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating, a very low rating and given Daniel’s quite negative review perhaps not that surprising. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this series will be downgraded to a Certain Cancellation. Unforgettable, on the other hand, will get the benefit of the doubt this week. However, if it doesn’t manage to pull its ratings to a higher level in the coming weeks, it may face a cancellation as well.

ShowStatus / Prediction
2 Broke GirlsRenewed
Blue BloodsRenewed
Criminal MindsRenewed
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationRenewed
Hawaii Five-0Renewed
Mike & MollyRenewed
NCIS: Los AngelesRenewed
Person Of InterestRenewed
The Big Bang TheoryRenewed
The Good WifeRenewed
The MentalistRenewed
The MillersRenewed
Two and a Half MenRenewed
Under The DomeCertain Renewal
ExtantToss Up
UnforgettableToss Up
RecklessCertain Cancellation
Bad TeacherCancelled
Friends With Better LivesCancelled
The Crazy OnesCancelled
We Are MenCancelled
How I Met Your MotherFinal Season
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  • Lastagna

    Just because people aren’t watching it, doesn’t mean it’s not a great show. I had low expecations, but having watched every episode since, I can certainly say it (reckless) deserves a second season.

  • mary

    I agree……it is a perfect summer Sunday evening show….just to relax…watch and be entertained. I enjoy it ….and love the cast and story line too. I have always liked Cam Gigandet.

  • Silverspoon

    Plz plz plz don’t cxl Reckless! I was sure I wld hate it, but it a couple episodes & now am thirsting after it on Demand!! No sexual tension? R we watching the same show??? So much going on in a great city w/ interesting characters & story lines!!!

  • jonnny

    Reckless is definitely one of the better ones. Just started watching it today, and watched the whole season so far. Totally drop Unforgettable. That show has always sucked, even after they did a rework of it. I am surprised Under the Dome was renewed for a second season cause the first was not very good. The second season tho has been a big improvement.

  • gin

    Don’t cancel reckless its just getting interesting. It needs to continue!!

  • Bella Sorella

    Reckless is a terrific show with an engaging storyline.

  • Athena

    Hopefully, Extant will be renewed! It’s a good show! I think it should be given another year! A lot of people I have spoken with haven’t even heard about it. Maybe the day of the week should be changed? Just a thought.

  • Lisa

    I love Reckless. Just got caught up watching it. Please don’t cancel it.

  • Gretchen

    I love Reckless!!! Please CBS don’t cancel!! For once give it time to catch on. It’s one of the better shows to premiere in quiet some time. Don’t bail CBS!!!

  • D.Andrews

    I hope they reconsider, Reckless should be renewed. It is a great show with some really interested leading characters, Jamie, Roy and Terry. It is a fun show in an amazing setting.

  • ole

    Reckless deserves another season. As it got better and better, viewers started talking or telling their friends about it. A summer, late-evening-sunday show, it hasn’t been on the radar of most people. CBS shouldn’t just depend on ratings with this one; it’s a sleeper. And viewers who want Reckless renewed should write a letter to CBS, which will only respond to a massive campaign..

  • alalalsa


  • Crystal

    They can’t cancel Reckless after the way they ended tonight. Leaving faithful viewers with that kind of cliff – hanger would be CRUEL!!!!!! It is an awesome show that gets better with every episode!!!!

  • Judy

    CBS would be crazy to cancel Reckless…the intense storyline and great acting just keeps you coming back for more. Very few dramas on TV the last few years are of this quality.

  • Traveller47

    I enjoy Reckless. It has good characters, a beautiful look, and engaging plot. Let it stay another season – allow the characters to develop more. Do not cancel it.
    As for Unforgettable – it could go. The premise is too odd and she is a bit of a showoff.

  • Anita

    How can Reckless be cancelled? Crazy!!!!! And then shows like The Millers be renewed!

  • Linda

    How can u end a show (Reckless) with so much going on and say it’s going to be cancelled? Not happy!!!!

  • Sally

    As a middle-aged grandmother, Roy is hot!!!!

  • Michelle

    Reckless can’t be cancelled… It’s a great show. CBS needs to keep it..

  • Julie

    PLEASE don’t cancel Reckless. We loved it. Great show…great cast and great storylines!!!

  • Donna Yates

    Please renew Reckless. Love the show.

  • shelia

    I have watched Reckless from the beginning and it is a really good show. And now that it has gotten even better they are going to cancel the show. I hope CBS changes it’s mind or people who really love Reckless changes it for them.

  • sally

    I Really enjoy the show I am hoping it gets renewed

  • Tom

    Please don’t cancel Reckless! Have you watched it? It was a great first season! Give them some more time to continue telling the story. This is as disappointing as when Starz cancelled Magic City before that story was finished too. . . 🙁

  • Calli

    Too many unanswered questions/story lines. Reckless should not be cancelled.

  • Sheryl

    Reckless’s ratings have picked up a lot since July (and would have picked up even more if CBS hadn’t started moving it around! I ended up having to watch the 2 hour finale on-line, because I didn’t know that it was going to air on a Saturday).

    At any rate, CBS simply CAN’T cancel Reckless, because I am madly in lust with Officer McCandless! (And I don’t want to wait until next summer to see new episodes, either!)

    • The fact that they did air the show on a Saturday is clear enough a message that it’s not coming back; not even next summer. Sorry!

      • Sheryl

        And that is a perfect example of why TV network viewership is dropping–because network execs are too out of touch to understand what their audience wants to see. (They also don’t seem to understand, with their ADD-afflicted little minds, that it might actually take a show a few weeks to catch on.) As I said before, Reckless’s ratings were rising and I bet you any amount of money that if they aired a second season in the winter, the ratings would be excellent. (I’d also like to see CBS re-run the first season in the winter, just to see what the ratings would look like under those circumstances. I know I wouldn’t mind seeing season one again.) Remember, it took Scandal a while to catch on, too.

        • Actually, Reckless’ ratings were not rising. Episode 1 through 8 all scored either a 0.5 or 0.6 in the all-important demographic. Only the penultimate (with a 0.9) and final (0.7) episodes did better. However, one swallow does not make a summer, and the second, well, wasn’t even a real swallow. Yes, it may take a show a few weeks to catch on, but after more than two months, it has to have at least shown its potential. And that is where comparing Reckless and Scandal is like comparing apples and oranges, because while Scandal may not have been a ratings cannon from the start, it was not consistently the lowest rating show on its network either.

          Although I’d happily take you up on that bet, because I highly doubt that Reckless would get excellent winter ratings, but there is no way of finding out which one of us is right. Just consider this: On CBS in the winter, excellent a18-49 ratings are at least near a 3.0. That is six times as much as Reckless was getting this summer. Sounds like a real stretch to me.

  • c.w

    Dont cancel Reckless …. you need to concider all the people that watch after original airing by DVR … or other means … give the damn show a chance .. dont air it against a juggernaut of a show and expect a huge viewing … come on .. be fair .. make it a off season run but dont kill it …

    • It *is* an off-season run, and it is still not working. At some point, they just have to pull the plug. They’re spending money on a show that is not bringing in any advertising dollars.

  • CGS

    why would you renew Under The Dome and cancel Reckless. It is a great show that was put in a poor time slot.

  • Paula

    Reckless it´s just like Hart Of Dixie, given a chance for a season 2, it will thrive. Do NOT CANCEL

  • Tara

    Reckless was my favorite then extant.. Just heard about reckless on netflix!! Why?!? I’ve gotten all my friends and family members to watch! Someone will have to pick it up! I never write posts but for this show it’s worth my first angry comment post!

  • Maritza

    Badboy of the O.C. Cam Gig great acting! hope a second season!