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ABC: Betrayal not yet cancelled, but it will be

By on November 19, 2013

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Everyone who keeps up with TV ratings knows: Betrayal has not been doing well. In fact, it has had the status of Certain Cancellation in the TV Watch U.S. weekly predictions for weeks. Today, ABC has let us know that it is effectively cancelling Betrayal by not scheduling it in its midseason line-up.

It turns out we have jumped the gun on announcing Betrayal was effectively cancelled. The series was billed as a limited series way back in May. This means it will have short seasons and that it’s not eligible for a Full-Season Pick-Up. So, the fact that the series wasn’t scheduled to return in midseason doesn’t mean it is cancelled. However, this also doesn’t mean Betrayal is not going to be cancelled in a little while, because it is.