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ABC: Super Fun Night certain to be cancelled

By on November 10, 2013

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on ABC:

Super Fun Night

Super Fun Night

Although Grey’s Anatomy is the second highest rating drama show on ABC, the series still is a Likely Renewal instead of a Certain Renewal. This is because several of the main actors, including Sandra Oh, who portrays Christina Yang, have decided to leave or are considering leaving. This could mean ABC decides it doesn’t want to continue to show without some of the beloved characters.

Super Fun Night is still dropping like a stone, even though it has the Modern Family lead-in. Added to that, ABC is looking for a show to cancel, as there are two comedies waiting to premiere or return in midseason. ABC needs to cancel two comedies to make room for those and it has only cancelled one (Back in the Game). Super Fun Night is the only freshman comedy which hasn’t had a Full-Season Pick-Up, which means it’s certain Super Fun Night will be the second victim.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELDFull-Season Pick-Up
The GoldbergsFull-Season Pick-Up
Trophy WifeFull-Season Pick-Up
Modern FamilyCertain Renewal
ScandalCertain Renewal
CastleLikely Renewal
Grey’s AnatomyLikely Renewal
Last Man StandingLikely Renewal
Once Upon a TimeLikely Renewal
RevengeLikely Renewal
The MiddleLikely Renewal
NashvilleLikely Cancellation
The NeighborsLikely Cancellation
BetrayalCertain Cancellation
Once Upon a Time in WonderlandCertain Cancellation
Super Fun NightCertain Cancellation
Back in the GameCancelled
Lucky 7Cancelled