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Freshman comedy We Are Men was cancelled after just two weeks of low ratings, just like TV Watch U.S. predicted last week. Mom, which is now CBS’ lowest rating comedy, gets the lead-in of The Big Bang Theory repeats, until Mike & Molly premieres on November 4th. The question is whether these shows will boost Mom so much that it surpasses any of the other comedies in the ratings, because if it stays the lowest rating comedy on CBS, it will definitely not get a nine-back order (full first season). Awaiting the results of the shuffle, Mom remains a Likely Cancellation.

Speaking of the other comedies, both Two And A Half Men and 2 Broke Girls dropped to a series low 2.3 in adults 18-49, which is just barely above Mom’s 2.0. Additionally, the only remaining single cam comedy The Crazy Ones dropped almost 20% to a 2.4. Since 2 Broke Girls can go into off-network syndication if it gets renewed for a fourth season, it is certain that that’s what CBS will do. As a result, the very expensive Two And A Half Men and newcomer The Crazy Ones are likely to be cancelled.

The only bit of good news, comedy-wise, is The Millers. Greatly boosted by The Big Bang Theory, it is CBS’ highest rating new comedy (and matched How I Met Your Mother for second highest rating CBS comedy). I doubt that it would do that good without the lead-in, but as long as it stays in that slot, it’s certain to get a Full-Season Pick-Up.

Dropping even further in the ratings, heavily serialized drama Hostages is downgraded to a Certain Cancellation, and its cancellation will probably come sooner rather than later.

Fridays and Sundays have failed lately on CBS. Hawaii Five-0 was renewed for a fourth season for syndication reasons, but was moved to Fridays because of sliding ratings. Blue Bloods already aired on Friday but was also renewed for a fourth season for syndication. Now the syndication threshold has been reached, both are likely to be cancelled because of their low ratings. On Sundays, The Mentalist and The Good Wife are expensive shows in their sixth and fifth season, respectively, but they are not delivering in the ratings. Therefore, both are now Likely Cancellations.

This leaves Person Of Interest, Criminal Minds, Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS as average or above average rating dramas, making them likely or even certain to be renewed. Person Of Interest is in its third season and is therefore a Certain Renewal even though it is doing average in the ratings.

ShowStatus / Prediction
2 Broke GirlsCertain Renewal
Criminal MindsCertain Renewal
NCISCertain Renewal
NCIS: Los AngelesCertain Renewal
Person Of InterestCertain Renewal
The Big Bang TheoryCertain Renewal
The MillersCertain Pick-Up
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationLikely Renewal
ElementaryLikely Renewal
Blue BloodsLikely Cancellation
Hawaii Five-0Likely Cancellation
MomLikely Cancellation
The Crazy OnesLikely Cancellation
The Good WifeLikely Cancellation
The MentalistLikely Cancellation
Two and a Half MenLikely Cancellation
HostagesCertain Cancellation
We Are MenCancelled
How I Met Your MotherFinal Season
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