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CBS: Hostages, Mom and We Are Men likely to be cancelled

By on October 6, 2013

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:



Person Of Interest just started its third season, and if the show would get a fourth season it would be eligible for a syndication deal. Since CBS would love to make this deal since it makes them more money, chances are the series will be renewed. Especially since the ratings are currently at average. Therefore, Person Of Interest will become a Certain Renewal. NCIS is getting extremely high ratings and therefore will also become a Certain Renewal.

The only newcomer in the drama section on CBS so far is Hostages. Although TV Watch U.S. had high hopes for this series it’s not coming through. Currently, the ratings are quite low. Therefore, Hostages is likely to be cancelled.

While How I Met Your Mother just started its final season, 2 Broke Girls started its third season. This once again means a syndication deal is likely going to happen. Although the series got a series low this week it’s still a Likely Renewal. The Big Bang Theory is upgraded to a Certain Renewal as its ratings have been through the roof.

Comedy rookies We Are Men and Mom are both doing quite bad in the ratings. Mom is likely to be cancelled while We Are Men is doing even worse and is certain to be cancelled. The Crazy Ones had a really good premiere but then dropped a whole point. This is a big drop, but if the ratings remain steady from now on this series might stand a chance. The Millers also premiered with a decent rating. However, as usual, a drop is suspected after the premiere. This series will remain a Toss Up for now.

ShowStatus / Prediction
NCISCertain Renewal
Person Of InterestCertain Renewal
The Big Bang TheoryCertain Renewal
2 Broke GirlsLikely Renewal
Blue BloodsToss Up
Criminal MindsToss Up
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationToss Up
ElementaryToss Up
Hawaii Five-0Toss Up
NCIS: Los AngelesToss Up
The Crazy OnesToss Up
The Good WifeToss Up
The MentalistToss Up
The MillersToss Up
Two and a Half MenToss Up
HostagesLikely Cancellation
MomLikely Cancellation
We Are MenCertain Cancellation
How I Met Your MotherFinal Season