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ABC: Betrayal likely to be cancelled, Agents of SHIELD Likely Renewal

By on October 6, 2013

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on ABC:

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Scandal, Revenge and Once Upon A Time are all in their third season. For these series, a fourth season could mean a syndication deal, so this increases the chance for a renewal. Scandal’s season premiere did really well and therefore this series is certain to be renewed. While Revenge and Once Upon A Time, who both did average in the ratings for the season premiere will become a Likely Renewal.

Grey’s Anatomy is doing good in the ratings. It’s good enough for a likely renewal. Motive has been renewed for a second season this week. New series Lucky 7 has already been cancelled by ABC and Betrayal likely awaits the same faith. With its well below average series premiere rating Betrayal is likely to be cancelled. Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing a lot better though and remains a Likely Renewal.

The Neighbors is having a rough time. The series airs on Fridays and even though this means the ratings are permitted to be a little lower than average, The Neighbors current ratings won’t cut it. Although it’s just the beginning of the season, after three episodes of low ratings The Neighbors will now become a Likely Cancellation.

Last Man Standing is doing better than The Neighbors and the series would be up for syndication if it got a new season. This means Last Man Standing is now likely to be renewed. Modern Family is doing great as usual and becomes a Certain Renewal. The Middle remains a Toss Up as the ratings are average.

Trophy Wife started quite good but dropped a lot this week. It is now likely to be cancelled. Super Fun Night premiered with high ratings as it was paired up with Modern Family. However, the ratings are likely to drop this week. Both Back In The Game and The Goldbergs earned average ratings this week and will remain Toss Ups.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Modern FamilyCertain Renewal
ScandalCertain Renewal
Grey’s AnatomyLikely Renewal
Last Man StandingLikely Renewal
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELDLikely Renewal
Once Upon a TimeLikely Renewal
RevengeLikely Renewal
Back in the GameToss Up
CastleToss Up
NashvilleToss Up
Super Fun NightToss Up
The GoldbergsToss Up
The MiddleToss Up
BetrayalLikely Cancellation
The NeighborsLikely Cancellation
Trophy WifeLikely Cancellation
Lucky 7Cancelled