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Turner Upfront Presentation Wrap-Up: Four New Comedies Headed To TBS; Ridley Scott to TNT

By on May 17, 2017

Turner Broadcasting System

Turner Broadcasting System

This morning, Turner has held its upfront presentation in the midst of all the broadcast chaos. To catch you up on everything important that happened, here is the rundown.

TNT has booked Ridley Scott, whose Alien: Covenant is in theatres right now, to develop a night of original sci-fi programming. The plan is still in its early stages, but the block would consist of hourlong series, shortform programs and other fomats developed in coordination with Scott.

The Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) comedy that has gone untitled until now has been named The Last O.G. The cast is extended by Cedric The Entertainer (The Soul Man) and Tiffany Haddish (The Carmichael Show). The show revolves around Tray (Morgan), an ex-con who is shocked to find out just how much the world has changed while he was in prison for 15 years. Back in his gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood, he finds out that his former girlfriend (Haddish) has married a successful white man who is helping raise Trey’s twin sons he never knew he had. Trey desperately wants to connect with his kids, but given that he has no money, he falls back on the skills he has learned in prison to take care of himself.

TBS has greenlighted Close Enough, an animated series that is described as a surreal take on transitioning from twentysomething to thirtysomething. It revolves around a married couple juggling everyday challenges like parenthood, friendship, ham theft and stripper clowns.

Also picked up to series is an untitled show by the trio known as the Dress Up Gang. The series is set in a surreal version of Los Angeles, It revolves around two roommates. One is a responsible adult with the temperament and outlook of a child, and the other is a dad-like thirtysomething crashing on the couch for quite some time.

Additionally, TBS has also ordered a new comedy starring Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe and Zoolander‘s Owen Wilson. Check out the details here.