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Liveblog: CBS Upfront Presentation 2017

By on May 17, 2017



The CBS Upfront Presentation 2017 is about to start. The network has announced its Fall 2017 Schedule this morning, which includes The Big Bang Theory spin-off Young Sheldon.

5:42 – Check out the trailers for the upcoming series here!

5:38 – That’s a wrap! Join us tomorrow for the last broadcast Upfront Presentation of the year. It will be The CW’s turns

5:37 – The CBS Upfront ended with a talk from Kelly Kahl about how 2/3 of their viewing is live, which is more than any other network.

5:21 – On to the last new series scheduled for Fall 2017: SEAL Team

5:14 – Bobby Moynihan is now on stage introducing his comedy Me, Myself And I.

5:09 – CBS continuing with Wisdom Of The Crowd. It looks a lot like APB. That show that failed miserably this year.

5:05 – Remember Trophy Wife? Albert Tsai, who portrayed Albert will be on 9JKL. Meaning I’m sold. Update: He wasn’t on stage, which could mean he’s not part of the regular cast 🙁

5:01 – 9JKL trailer now rolling. Another show that’s looking pretty good.

4:59 – S.W.A.T. featured lots of explosions. Looked good, a little like a FOX show.

4:52 – People seemed to enjoy the trailer for Young Sheldon. S.W.A.T. is next up.

4:46 – Things are getting really interesting. Jim Parsons on stage introducing Young Sheldon.

4:43 – James Corden now on stage for the Late Late Show.

4:41 – The Start Trek: Discovery trailer looks amazing and gets a great response as Upfront.

4:37 – CBS now talking about Star Trek: Discovery. The show’s episode count has been upped to 15, and it will include a weekly post-show called Talking Trek.

4:29 – Next up. CBS Sports.

4:27 – Moonves talking about the upcoming 50th anniversary of 60 Minutes and that the show is still doing well in the ratings. He also let’s slip Oprah will be coming to the show!

4:19 – Moonves gets in on the jokes as he says Colbert is up in the ratings, as well as in the number of lawyers the show needs.

4:15 – Stephen Colbert now on stage. Cue Donal Trump jokes.

4:12 – CBS now talking business. “We’re #1 in 250 consumer segments.”

4:10 – The usual banter has started. First victim? Google and its failed ad placement.

4:04 – CBS starts its Upfront Presentation right on time. It opens with John Baptiste and Stay Human from The Colbert Late Show.

3:58 – Entertainment President Gleen Geller, unfortunately, can’t be at the presentation today. Due to a mild heart attack, he is on medical leave. Scheduling Chief Kelly Kahl will most likely replace him. And CEO Leslie Moonves will likely speech longer than usual due to Geller’s absence.

3:56 – Get ready for the CBS Upfront Presentation!