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Happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear TV Watch U.S., happy birthday to us! Our website is two years old today. Oh how time flies. Just like last year, we will celebrate our website’s birthday by shamelessly judging others in our very own award show: The TV Watch U.S. Awards!

In case you haven’t read our previous installment (check it out here) and therefore aren’t familiar with our formula, here’s how it works: we look at the amount of times people like yourself have visited a certain page on our website, and we claim that shows how popular (or unpopular) a series is. Unfair? Unfounded? Random? Who cares, let’s get cracking!

Most Popular TV Show Award

It’s the award we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the highest honor in TV World, way up there with the Emmy’s. Writers, producers and actors alike have been sweating with anxiousness for weeks now, knowing this day would come. The day when we announce: the Most Popular TV Show Award! *Applause* Forget the fact that we base it purely on the amount of visitors that have visited the series’ show pages, and forget the fact that it is a very biased, very easily corrupted method (if you want your show to win next year be sure to convince your family and friends to visit its showpage about once every day, seriously, it’s that easy). Now settle down, grab some popcorn, and munch away those nerves while we announce the contestants.

Our first contestant: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Did this series even ever air? Oh that’s right, it was cancelled before it premiered and then moved to Netflix. So why is everybody looking at the series’ showpage? Seriously people. Get a grip.

Our second contestant: Stalker. Well that’s a fair contestant, it’s a popular series. Besides, I always forget when I should be watching it and the show page shows what time it’s on, so that one might just be my visits messing up the statistics.

Our third contestant: Chasing Life. A woman fighting cancer, now there’s a series that touches the heart. Or tear ducts. Or both, really. ABC Family really struck a chord with that one, although maybe the real credit belongs to the Mexican original. Oh well.

And our fourth and final contestant: Forever. That series about the immortal doctor who has lived for 200 years or so and now has a set of superhuman observational skills. Question: if he has only lived (and died, at some occasions) for 200 years, how does he know he is really immortal? Maybe he only gets a certain amount of deaths? Ah, but we digress.

It is time for the winner. Please put on your mental drumroll now. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Ready? Allright. The Most Popular TV Show Award goes to…. Chasing Life! Congratulations! To the other contestants we would just like to say: better luck next time *cough losers cough* What, who said that? Not cool man, not cool…

Least Popular TV Show Award


On to our Least Popular TV Show Award. Out of all of our awards this is probably the most unfair, since it’s usually the newest show pages that are visited the least. So why award a series this questionable honor? Because we are horrible people who love to see a series crash and burn, muhahaha! Just kidding. Or are we?

So let’s take a look at our contestants. Here they are, in no specific order: A.D., 12 Monkeys and Supergirl. We really shouldn’t be dragging this out, this must be torture for the series at stake. You know how that feels? When they are about to announce something horrible and they just keep going on and on about little things that really don’t even matter, and you’re just standing there going “Argh just tell me already!” but they don’t. They just keep on blabbing and yapping and talking and… Anyway, yes, the winner. The winner of the Least Popular TV Show Award is: Supergirl! Which was only added to the site this week so that’s not really surprising… Still, sucks to be Supergirl.

Our Favorite Freshman Award

Better Call Saul

This is our favorite award, because even though the other awards are based on virtually nothing, the winners are not our personal choices. But the winner of this award is. Many days we have spent debating our choices. Many nights we have spent sobbing into our pillows out of desperation, thinking we would never find a winner. But we have reached a consensus, and it is glorious. Behold, the contestants:

Empire. I mean, how can we not? This series has broken all the records, and then some. Never mind the story, the ratings alone make it one of the best new series of the past 12 months.

Better Call Saul. Who knew Saul Goodman was such an interesting character? Sure, every episode you wonder if this is the episode where he goes criminal and it hasn’t happened yet, but who cares when he is like a big, lovable teddybear with a whole lot of bad luck?

The Last Ship. Kaboom! Wham! Ka-pow! That’s what The Last Ship sounds like. Explosions, spectacles, and yet it isn’t just a string of bombs and shooting: There is actually a good storyline to it. You’d hardly think it possible but yes, you can have a high entertainment value and plausibility! Too bad some other series didn’t get that memo…

Based on our shared knowledge and likes, and our years and years of experience, the winner of this award is… The Last Ship! The characters are relatable, the storyline brings something exciting every week, and even though Michael Bay is heavily involved there is actually more to it than just explosions. Also, the entire world has been wiped out by a virus, very much a thing that could actually happen. It’s like tuning in to your possible future every week. From a safe distance, of course.

This marks the end of our celebratory award show. We hope you enjoyed the past year as much as we did, and we hope you will join us as we try to unravel that wonderful world we call TV for yet another year. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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