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UPDATE: After the cancellation of We Are Men, CBS has given Mike & Molly an official premiere date. And guess what? It’s already this November!

The 2013/14 season is officially kicking off next Monday, and some networks (notably FOX) are already premiering their Fall shows this week (check out our new show ranking to see which shows you should watch). Everyone is super excited to check out their TV listings now that it finally contains anything other than reruns and lame reality shows, only to be bummed out (some of us anyway) to find that their favorite CBS comedy Mike & Molly is not on there. What happened? When does it return? Or was it cancelled?

The short answer: A lot happened, but the show was not cancelled. It got a full 22-episode fourth season, just like always, but it got benched until midseason. How does that work? Let me give you the rundown.

The cast and crew
Around the time that the last season finale aired, showrunner and series creator Mark Roberts decided to step down from the show “to focus on other projects”. Of course, we will never know what actually happened. It might be genuine, it might be ‘creative differences’ (that’s what they call fighting nowadays). Either way, the transition to new showrunner Al Higgins, formerly co-executive producer on the show, might have required some extra time.

Ever since the success of Bridesmaids, there have been rumors that Melissa McCarthy might step down from Mike & Molly to pursue her movie career. In fact, McCarthy had a lead role in the movie The Heat, which came out this summer. It seems like CBS might be accommodating McCarthy’s busy schedule in order for her not to leave Mike & Molly.

The network
CBS is expanding it’s comedy schedule, which makes it seem weird to bench Mike & Molly. However, this way it gives the network a chance to premiere four new comedies. And more importantly, it gives at least one of these new comedies a chance to fail. When last year’s Partners failed miserably in the post-How I Met Your Mother timeslot, the network had nothing to replace it with and had to stick with repeats for months. Now, CBS can potentially plug Mike & Molly in the slot of a failed comedy, a show that has an established following. Not bad for a midseason replacement.

Of course, that’s not how CBS is marketing this decision; we’re supposed to believe that all of their new comedies are going to be huge successes. Instead, the eye network is proud to announce that Mike & Molly can now run its full season without repeats in between. That’s great, isn’t it? But does that even fit the schedule?

Yes, it fits. Sort of. The show would have to run from, say, the week of January 6th to the week of June 2nd, without any breaks. Normally, shows end their seasons halfway May, but this is not that exceptional. However, when there is another tornado on a day that a tornado-themed Mike & Molly episode is scheduled, the show will really run over into the summer.

What now?
In the mean time, there are of course lots of other shows you can watch. Mike & Molly writer Chuck Lorre has created three of CBS’s current comedies: Two And A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and the recently premiered Mom (find out here if it’s worth watching). If you don’t like any of those, check out all upcoming, current and past comedies on our very special genre page.

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