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Welcome to the TV Watch U.S. Fall season series ranking! In the ocean of new TV series it can be hard to decide which series to watch and which series to skip. To give you some aid, we have made a list of all the new Fall series starting with the worst shows and ending with the most promising. The winner of this season is Hostages, a show we think has some real potential. On the other hand there is Super Fun Night, arguably the worst show to premiere this season.

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27. Super Fun Night (ABC)
Daniel: “I suggest dubbing Wednesday nights ‘super horrible night’ for as long as this show lasts

26. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)
Daniel: “This is just way too infantile

25. Dads (FOX)
Robin: “I’m an on-again-off-again Seth Green fan, and even I can’t like this one

24. The Originals (The CW)
Daniel: “I suppose The Vampire Diaries fans might like this show

23. Lucky 7 (ABC)
Robin: “So what is this show about, exactly?

22. The Goldbergs (ABC)
Emily: “That 70’s Show, but not nearly as funny

21. We Are Men (CBS)
Robin: “They are definitely not men, more like children

20. Masters Of Sex (Showtime)
Robin: “.. wait, what?

19. Betrayal (ABC)
Daniel: “Your average ABC female oriented drama

18. Mom (CBS)
Robin: “At least they’re doing a decent job in making substance abuse funnier than it actually is

17. Reign (The CW)
Robin: “The Tudors for teens; will child-appropriate stories ruin its chances of success?

16. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)
Robin: “With today’s huge popularity of superheroes, I’m surprised it took this long for a TV show to be made

15. The Tomorrow People (The CW)
Emily: “Will the remake be as popular as the original?

14. Back in the Game (ABC)
Daniel: “A somewhat funny baseball comedy

13. The Millers (CBS)
Daniel: “Let’s hope it’s more than just fart jokes

12. Sean Saves The World (NBC)
Robin: “You can’t go wrong with Sean Hayes

11. Ironside (NBC)
Emily: “A good drama with some self-mockery

10. Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
Robin: “As a mashup of so many genres and elements, this better be good!

9. Dracula (NBC)
Robin: “The Tudors with vampires? Count me in!

8. Welcome to the Family (NBC)
Emily: “Apparently there is a funny side to teen pregnancy

7. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC)
Robin: “Why think of something new if you can just stick with that one great idea?

6. Almost Human (FOX)
Robin: “You can never have enough series with Michael Ealy. Ever.

5. The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)
Daniel: “Admit it, who hasn’t been craving Michael J. Fox’s return to TV?

4. The Crazy Ones (CBS)
Emily: “I had no idea Robin Williams could be funny

3. Trophy Wife (ABC)
Daniel: “The most promising comedy of this season

2. The Blacklist (NBC)
Emily: “Could this be one of those rare procedurals that are actually good?

1. Hostages (CBS)
Emily: “Being a surgeon has never been *this* exciting

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