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NBC: Dracula is likely to be cancelled, Grimm is a Certain Renewal

By on December 1, 2013

Other NBC Renewal and Cancellation news:



Just like ABC, NBC didn’t air a lot of scripted series this week. One of the series that did air is Grimm. The series is in its third season which makes it more likely to get a fourth season so it well get to the syndication threshold. Since the ratings have somewhat settled down we predict Grimm is certainly going to be renewed.

Dracula’s ratings have also settled. Unfortunately for its fans, of which there seem to be very little, the ratings of Dracula are low. The past three episodes the ratings were only one tenth higher than cancelled show Ironside’s lowest rating. There is still a little hope, but Dracula is likely to get cancelled.

ShowStatus / Prediction
The BlacklistFull-Season Pick-Up
Chicago FireCertain Renewal
GrimmCertain Renewal
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitLikely Renewal
DraculaToss Up
Parks and RecreationToss Up
RevolutionToss Up
ParenthoodLikely Cancellation
The Michael J. Fox ShowLikely Cancellation
Sean Saves The WorldCertain Cancellation
Welcome to the FamilyCancelled

This week’s TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • osamaba bin mooch michelle

    Well that sucks!!!! Dracula was good!!!

    • DarklingMagick

      I respectfully but strongly disagree.

  • dc

    Dracula is awesome. Definitely one of the most original and time stopping shows to watch on TV.

    • DarklingMagick

      If you count re-doing plots done on Dark Shadows and Forever Knight, and reducing Dracula’s abilities to make him like every other current TV vampire “original” than yeah… “Original.”

      • Jason

        Re-doing plots from tv shows that came a century after Dracula was written? Incredible logic.

  • DarklingMagick

    I despise NBC’s Dracula as one of the most white washed, condescending and obnoxious re-imaginings ever done. They took away his shapeshifting powers and ability to walk in the sun and rendered him emo. They should have adapted the Fred Saberhagen Dracula.

    • Jason

      I agree, but it’s better than the garbage that’s on TV for the most part. Rhys-Meyers is a great actor, Renfield and Lucy are interesting characters, and Van Helsing is as well. It has potential, it just needs time to grow.

  • Sherry

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE Dracula. It may be one of those shows that need another season to grab more watchers. There is no doubt in my mind that it is one of the BEST shows on television. It GROWS on you. It makes the other vampire stories on other networks look like childsplay. Very well done and obvious as to why a major network got it in the first place.

  • mona

    Dracula stills has a fighting chance to be renewed. No matter what the “ratings” says, there are always numbers with on demand and download. This is where networks has a problem with the equation, if they just see beyond the black box numbers, they can included other viewership from other sources. NBC constantly has a problem with no knowing what is good and what is bad for the network.
    I say that whoever in charge has to taught a lesson on gaining more viewers beyond the “Nelson” ratings concept and think beyond the box. Dracula is a great show to have in their belt, if they think that canceling is best for the network. Then they are plain wrong!

    • Emily Donovan

      Dear Mona,
      The reason NBC (and other networks) doesn’t look beyond the Nielsen ratings is because those ratings indicate how much money the show is making. When people watch on demand or download the show it isn’t making them any money since the advertisements are generally skipped by those viewers. If a show is immensely popular as a download, but no one is watching it live, NBC won’t make any money. And a show that’s not making them any money is not going to get renewed but replaced with one that does make them money. In short, NBC barely cares about the popularity or the quality of a show. It cares about money.

      • jp

        You are so right! If money is what its all about then a great show like Dracula will lost along with many others. So sad if this happens.

      • ndnwmn

        Sad but true… :-(

  • jp

    Dracula is one of my fav shows! Please NBC give it another season! Dracula is the only reason I watch tv on Friday night.

  • Michelle Yates

    Well shit I hope it doesn’t I really like this show.

  • Ann

    They better not cancel Dracula!! Just because people are not able to watch in when it airs doesn’t mean they aren’t watching it at all! My friend watches it on her iPod, i record it and watch it later. Many people watch these types of shows but aren’t able to watch it on time. They should renew it!

  • vicky

    Dracula was the best show!!!!