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ABC: Betrayal not yet cancelled, but it will be

By on November 19, 2013

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Everyone who keeps up with TV ratings knows: Betrayal has not been doing well. In fact, it has had the status of Certain Cancellation in the TV Watch U.S. weekly predictions for weeks. Today, ABC has let us know that it is effectively cancelling Betrayal by not scheduling it in its midseason line-up.

It turns out we have jumped the gun on announcing Betrayal was effectively cancelled. The series was billed as a limited series way back in May. This means it will have short seasons and that it’s not eligible for a Full-Season Pick-Up. So, the fact that the series wasn’t scheduled to return in midseason doesn’t mean it is cancelled. However, this also doesn’t mean Betrayal is not going to be cancelled in a little while, because it is.

  • Deb

    So what you previously reported was wrong and you didn’t even know that “Betrayal” was a limited series. And now you want to save face by definitively predicting that “Betrayal” won’t be renewed and you want people to take you at your word because you’re such a credible, knowledgable news source? Sorry, but the first season of the show will be around for two more months and it’s too soon to state such a thing as fact. After “Lucky 7″ was cancelled, some news sources predicted Betrayal’s imminent demise and look how those predictions turned out.

    • Emily Donovan

      Along with many other sources, we reported the cancellation of Betrayal. That was indeed a mistake and we should have known that it was announced as a limited series. However, if so many made the same mistake, you could wonder whether it was completely clear on ABC’s part that the series was in fact a limited one.

      Either way, we first predicted Betrayal’s cancellation on October 13th. Our correction in this post is certainly not to save face but to accurately explain what the status of the show is. We do not necessarily think the show will be pulled off the air as happened to Lucky 7, we merely predict that the show is not going to get a second season. Most likely, the show will be around for two more months, since ABC only scheduled something else in the timeslot starting March 9, and simply has nothing else to put there. However, Betrayal’s ratings are bad and no network is going to renew a show that’s performing bad in the ratings. Of course, if the show does magically almost double its ratings during the next couple of episodes, that might change things. That is extremely unlikely to happen, though, especially for a show that had a bad critical reception.

      • Talkspot

        Typical idiotic lazy post, and the other sites were saying it may be cancelled, only you said it was.

        • Robin Oatley

          Actually, one of the reasons we felt confident this news was correct was because it was reported by so many reliable sources. Unfortunately, we are apparently the only ones to man up and admit we jumped the gun. The other websites deleted their posts or adjusted them to remove every trace of their initial assumptions. As is their good right of course, we just prefer to be honest about what we do. We’re only human after all!

      • angie

        Who decides these ratings?Makes one think the networks do what they want regardless of what the viewers want; it happens quite often.

        • Emily Donovan

          Hi Angie,
          The Nielsen Company measures the ratings. They have a sample group which represents America and they measure what everyone in this group is watching. The networks have absolutely no influence on the ratings whatsoever. It’s is an objective measurement of the percentage of all people in America (in a specific demographic) that was watching a particular show. Currently we are working on a more detailed description of how the ratings work.

  • angel

    Betrayal is a good show. .and it’s actually real life events people go through stuff like that everyday every yeat around the world its a deep show n I was one of its weekly fans n im sad it wont be airing again this is not cool