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CBS: Hostages certain to be cancelled, The Millers will get a full season

By on October 13, 2013

Other CBS Renewal and Cancellation news:



Freshman comedy We Are Men was cancelled after just two weeks of low ratings, just like TV Watch U.S. predicted last week. Mom, which is now CBS’ lowest rating comedy, gets the lead-in of The Big Bang Theory repeats, until Mike & Molly premieres on November 4th. The question is whether these shows will boost Mom so much that it surpasses any of the other comedies in the ratings, because if it stays the lowest rating comedy on CBS, it will definitely not get a nine-back order (full first season). Awaiting the results of the shuffle, Mom remains a Likely Cancellation.

Speaking of the other comedies, both Two and a Half Men and 2 Broke Girls dropped to a series low 2.3 in adults 18-49, which is just barely above Mom’s 2.0. Additionally, the only remaining single cam comedy The Crazy Ones dropped almost 20% to a 2.4. Since 2 Broke Girls can go into off-network syndication if it gets renewed for a fourth season, it is certain that that’s what CBS will do. As a result, the very expensive Two And A Half Men and newcomer The Crazy Ones are likely to be cancelled.

The only bit of good news, comedy-wise, is The Millers. Greatly boosted by The Big Bang Theory, it is CBS’ highest rating new comedy (and matched How I Met Your Mother for second highest rating CBS comedy). I doubt that it would do that good without the lead-in, but as long as it stays in that slot, it’s certain to get a Full-Season Pick-Up.

Dropping even further in the ratings, heavily serialized drama Hostages is downgraded to a Certain Cancellation, and its cancellation will probably come sooner rather than later.

Fridays and Sundays have failed lately on CBS. Hawaii Five-0 was renewed for a fourth season for syndication reasons, but was moved to Fridays because of sliding ratings. Blue Bloods already aired on Friday but was also renewed for a fourth season for syndication. Now the syndication threshold has been reached, both are likely to be cancelled because of their low ratings. On Sundays, The Mentalist and The Good Wife are expensive shows in their sixth and fifth season, respectively, but they are not delivering in the ratings. Therefore, both are now Likely Cancellations.

This leaves Person Of Interest, Criminal Minds, Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS as average or above average rating dramas, making them likely or even certain to be renewed. Person Of Interest is in its third season and is therefore a Certain Renewal even though it is doing average in the ratings.

ShowStatus / Prediction
2 Broke GirlsCertain Renewal
Criminal MindsCertain Renewal
NCISCertain Renewal
NCIS: Los AngelesCertain Renewal
Person Of InterestCertain Renewal
The Big Bang TheoryCertain Renewal
The MillersCertain Pick-Up
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationLikely Renewal
ElementaryLikely Renewal
Blue BloodsLikely Cancellation
Hawaii Five-0Likely Cancellation
MomLikely Cancellation
The Crazy OnesLikely Cancellation
The Good WifeLikely Cancellation
The MentalistLikely Cancellation
Two and a Half MenLikely Cancellation
HostagesCertain Cancellation
We Are MenCancelled
How I Met Your MotherFinal Season

This week’s TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • Guest

    I’ve been sticking with Hostages and I’d like them to at least see the series through until the end of this current storyline. Haven’t had a chance to even try Crazy Ones but it has to be better than the MJF show – what a disappointment.

    • Robin Oatley

      I can imagine you wanting to see the end of the storyline for Hostages, but keep in mind: Hostages’ executive producer Rick Eid mentioned the first season is “definitely open-ended”. So it’s quite probable that you will never get to see that ending! However, you can, of course, still enjoy the series for now.

      • Melissa

        I’m having the darndest time getting Disqus figured out and now I’ve done something where I’m showing up as a Guest…. It’s really Melissa. :)

        • Daniel Redford

          And we switched to Disqus because it was better looking and easier in the first place! It seems like you have figured it out by now, but be sure to untick the “I’d rather post as guest”-box. If there’s anything you need help with, please let us know!

  • Sonny Crockett

    What I don’t understand and maybe Mr. Redford or anyone can educate me. Hawaii 5-0, last I checked, drew over 9 million viewers and Blue Bloods drew over 11 million viewers, I would think those numbers are outstanding, ESPECIALLY for a Friday night. I also read that 5-0 is one of the most DVR’d shows on TV, adding well-over a milllion extra viewers a week (so I’ve read). I know the 18-49 “Holy Grail” stat is important and I’ve read that both these shows draw a 1.6 and 1.4 (again, from what I’ve read) and that 2.0 is what the networks like to see. Sad, actually telling people that are older than 50 and under 18 that they don’t really matter. But, please explain to me how these numbers for these shows are “failing” for CBS. Thanks in advance…

    • Daniel Redford

      Sonny, I’ll try my best to explain everything to you. Remember that this doesn’t reflect our personal opinions, but that this is simply how the TV industry works.

      The 18-49 demographic is indeed the ‘holy grail’ of television. Or rather, it’s the holy grail of advertising, and advertising is what makes the TV networks (lots of!) money. Since those advertisers don’t want to pay much money for the millions of viewers outside of that demographic, TV network executives hardly take ‘total viewers’ into account when deciding the fate of a show. After all, if the show doesn’t make any money, it’s gone.

      It is not necessarily true that networks want to see a 2.0. The higher the better, of course, but it is all about relative performance: doing better than the other shows on the same network. Almost always, it comes down to the lowest rating shows on a network getting cancelled (regardless of what the exact numbers are).

      What I meant when I said that Fridays and Sundays are failing is twofold. First of all, CBS’ average ratings for these nights have dropped versus earlier years, and second of all, the four scripted dramas that air on these nights are (along with Hostages) CBS lowest rating dramas. Therefore, they are likely to be cancelled.

      Since CBS has been at the top of the ratings for years, a show that gets axed on CBS might have been a huge success on NBC, had it gotten the exact same ratings. However, CBS thinks (and rightfully so) that it can potentially get better ratings for those hours of television when trying out a new show, rather than sticking with a show that’s already not doing that well compared to their other shows.

      I hope this clears things up for you! If you have any more questions, we’ll of course be glad to answer them.

      • Sonny Crockett

        I SINCERELY thank you for getting back to me so quickly and appreciate the edification, truly (both answers!). TV is a unique business to say the least…God bless and keep up the good work, Mr. Redford!…

        • Daniel Redford

          You’re welcome!

    • Daniel Redford

      One small addition: You mention that Hawaii Five-0 adds a lot in DVR ratings. Just remember that TV is all about getting people to watch commercials, and that DVRs enable people to skip through those. Still, the networks use C3 ratings: The ratings for a show’s commercials during the live airing and the three days that follow (so people who skip commercials on their DVRs are not counted). Those numbers are rarely released to the public, but luckily, the Live+Same Day show ratings (the ones we report daily) are very similar and allow us to make accurate predictions.

    • Olivia Adams

      I really agree with you, I just begin really enjoying a show and someone comes in can cancels it. Some of us over 50 like to be entertained. We enjoy getting to know the characters in the shows. That is a little difficult when a show is canceled or off the air for 6 months then brought back on.

  • Carleton

    Hostages is a great show problem is it competes against Blacklist and MNF and Monday night Raw move it to another night it will survive

    • Micki

      That is so true. If they move it to a different night it would do well. It would be sad to see a good show not get a chance. Tired of good shows not getting a chance.

      • Daniel Redford

        Is it, though? Isn’t it inherent to TV that shows compete with each other for viewers? Any show would do well when it was the only show on TV.
        Generally, shows lose more viewers when it’s moved after getting not-that-great ratings than it attracts new people. A heavy advertising campaign is needed to announce the new day and time for the show, and even then, people who are on the fence about a show see a move as the perfect opportunity to make their minds up and stop watching the show.
        Especially for heavily serialized shows like Hostages, you need to watch all the episodes to make sense of the story. So new viewers need to make a big commitment to catch up with previous episodes before they can even start watching.
        And finally, to move Hostages to another night, another show needs to be moved as well to make room for it. Which show would you suggest?

  • Kevin Snell

    One correction: Big Bang Theory was already renewed. It was actually renewed for 3 seasons 2 seasons ago.

    • Daniel Redford

      It was indeed, and that makes the current season the last one of those three. So at the end of this season, The Big Bang Theory’s future is wide open again (except that there’s no way it will be cancelled!).

  • turretgunner

    Hostages isn’t too bad of a show, but I never thought it would go beyond one season. The premise seems much more like the basis for a mini-series or made for television movie.

  • Lee Ann

    The canceling of Hostages makes me very sad. While when I saw the initial previews that sucked me in, I thought it was a trailer for a movie and I thought to myself “how in the heck are they going to create a series out of this?” But I have watched every single week, along with several co-workers, and we are all hooked and love the show. I only hope that they tie up SOME of the story line vs. just ending it abruptly. And now I’m MORE sad that I chose to watch this over Blacklist because now I will want a new Monday night drama, and haven’t watched any of Blacklist, which is doing so well. Big bummer.

  • J Guffey

    I think if Hostages was moved to a different night and not against NBC’s Blacklist it would do far better. The show is getting better.

  • abvn

    What about Sleepy Hollow?

    • Daniel Redford

      Sleepy Hollow airs on FOX, not on CBS. You can find the status and our predictions for FOX shows here. I think that page has good news for you!
      Alternatively, if you’re looking for information on a specific show, check out the show page. Find that through the TV Shows by Network/Genre buttons in the menu, or using the search box on the right. You can also try the direct link, which in this case would be

      • abvn

        Thanks Daniel :)

  • iajsd

    dont cancel hostages pleaseeeeeeee

  • jsonrgo

    The problem is the lead actress is a butterface.

  • GG

    I think Blue Bloods is the best drama on the air. It has great actors, there’s some comedy, some drama and great family scenes. I guess that means it will be cancelled and we’ll still have all the ridiculous comedy shows and reality shows.

    • Polly

      I think Blue Bloods is one of the better ones and would hate to see it cancelled.

  • Glbrown91

    Hostages started out pretty good but has gone down the crapper fast. Ex military officer here, they need to check with there technical consultant about the Colonel with the goatee.

  • jcarrano

    How in the world can they cancel Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five O??? I know so many people who love these shows, including my family!!! PLEASE DON’T cancel these shows. They are wonderful shows. Just as good as Scandal and Revenge!!!!!!!

    • Mary Doherty

      Blue Bloods will be canceled because its a warm interestimg family show not afraid to actually say grace begore a meal! It also has no sex scenes or cursing like most of the rediculous comedies beong renewed

  • Guest

    I reallyyyy wanna see the ending of Hostages! Please put it back on!!!

    • Daniel Redford

      You’ll get to see the ending of the current storyline of Hostages once it returns on January 6th! You can always check out the latest airing info and renwal/cancellation status on the show page:

  • Lovemyfamily

    Love the hostage would to see cancel. Also love blue blood and Hawaii 5-0 we don’t miss a show. Love it

  • MITI

    Hostages and The Good Wife? @ great shoes in my opinion although i can see Hostages never thought the Good Wife!

  • sj

    crap like two and a half men goes on and on and Hostages! A thinking show is canceled? no way
    sad sad sad! a thinking persons show and canceled
    shame sha