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NBC: Siberia is likely to be cancelled after disappointing premiere

By on July 7, 2013

Other NBC Renewal and Cancellation news:



This week Siberia premiered with ratings that were certainly not spectacular. They were neither good nor bad, but judging from the reactions of a lot of viewers it doesn’t look like it will get any better. If the numbers alone weren’t enough to get Siberia the status Likely Cancellation, the response from the audience would definitely seal the deal.

Crossing Lines had another low rating. It even was lower than the premiere of the series, which was  already really bad. Crossing Lines therefore remains a Certain Cancellation.


ShowStatus / Prediction
Chicago FireRenewed
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitRenewed
Parks and RecreationRenewed
SiberiaLikely Cancellation
Crossing LinesCertain Cancellation
Save MeCertain Cancellation
1600 PennCancelled
Go OnCancelled
Guys With KidsCancelled
The New NormalCancelled
Up All NightCancelled

This week’s TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • Alex

    Siberia looks like a show consisting of wanna-be Botox treated models who are sent to a camp vacation. In what way is this the Siberia we all think of when we think of the Gulag?? Siberia is absolutely beautiful, especially in the suummer. These fools are in no way fighting for their lives or testing any semblance of survival skills. The biggest concerns for most contestants seem to be whather their makeup is running or whether the camera has filmed their ‘good side’. This show makes absolutely no sense. What were the producers trying to sell here? Beautiful people trying to survive? They are neither that attractive, nor are they being tested for any sort of survival skills. Everything about this seems so random. Were they smoking something when they pitched this to NBC? Were the execs high, too? The one question I have about this show is: Why?

  • TexGrl

    Umm. You guys do realize Siberia is a mock reality show right? It is a scripted show with actors pretending to be on a reality show. Jeez people are special :)

  • PassiveObserver

    Yeah, the show’s concept was obviously beyond the general public’s cultural radar. It thought it was a clever, dark satire that mocked most reality tv. I wanted to see where this show would go, but I guess that’s not going to happen now.

  • Bea

    It completely baffles me how after three episodes 90 % of all viewers still don’t get that this is a SCRIPTED DRAMA ABOUT a ficticious reality TV show. I mean, seriously? A guy “dying” a horrible “death” under dubious circumstances in episode ONE and the “reality TV show” continuing despite that was not a dead giveaway even to people with the IQ of a dead sheep? Wow… Whoever said that too much TV makes people stupid? Spot on.

    Great idea for a mix between areality TV satire and a horror/mystery show, decent execution, stupid audience who watched omuch Survivor to even understand the concept.

  • Shaun Firth

    My problem is that the show is really so far-fetched. Any REAL reality show would have been cancelled after a contestant died. Add to that mushrooms that the items in the box…mushrooms that make you sick, a GUN, a snake etc. Then there’s the fact that the show looks more like summer camp than one of the most inhospitable places on earth. Plus it’s true, the make-up is perfect, they keep changing clothes when they don’t have them (plus they seem to stay clean). Then there’s the girl that get’s so sick she could be dying, yet nobody from the show does anything to help? Oh, and the dead TIGER? It’s just too much to be believed. And these people are supposed to make it through a Siberian winter? On top of all that there is the BRUTALLY SLOW pace of the show. At least if something happened it could distract us from the ridiculous for a while!

  • Ouida

    Just finished watching episode 3. I hope it’s not cancelled. Can’t just leave me hanging like that. Surely nobody thinks this is a “real” reality show. I’m really hooked. Hope there are more to come.

  • Lewis

    This show sucks!!!
    Its so slow, these people can’t act for sh##
    One scene shirt dirty next its clean c mon man
    Hurry and cancel this crap
    It seem like they playing,a k
    Joke on us.. Really you guys was thinking people would like this

  • Julie

    This show is terrible….and filmed in Canada. Cancel please.

  • mark

    woww . what a waste of time to watch 15 min of this nonsense s…. really ? how annoying is that ?

  • mark

    Joyce is the wife of the producer . hungry for fame but no talent … oh well housewives of beverly hills is probably your BIG BREAK GIRL xx

  • Hayden

    Do you guys realize this is a fictional reality tv show it is awesome and I hope they don’t cancel I love it!

  • Lance

    Why don’t people like show. Siberia is awesome. I really hope they don’t cancel it.

  • Anon

    Siberia is great. People always complain about the smallest things.
    Stop cancelling so many shows. I mean even Alphas (which was great) got cancelled, jesus.

  • Siberian

    Siberia is a great show! Mysterious and different from the usual predictable reality snows. Sure its a fake reality show but so what! How do you know the so-called real reality shows are not scripted too?

  • Emily

    Siberia is awesome! It is one of my favorite tv shows!

  • Siberiacanada

    To Julie who asks to cancel Siberia in part because it is filmed in Canada, I say fuck you you bigotted bitch; go back in your trailer home.

  • Sable

    I’ll be sorry to see Siberia go. It was so obvious to anyone with a working brain that this was a mock reality show that wasn’t meant to even seem real. They didn’t try to fool us; they announced that it was scripted show from the beginning. It’s a pity that so many people choose not to read. They have thrown in so many elements of Lost, from character types to “others’ to a strange hatch, etc., that I don’t understand how anyone could mistake it for what it was. I’ve been entertained by this show.

    Even more disappointing is the seeming cancellation of the quality show, Crossing Lines. It is the same type of show as Graceland, but so very much better. But, of course, it’s an NBC show. Their programming executives are hopeless.

  • Lesley

    I really liked this show! I do find it funny that ALOT of people think it’s an actual reality show! I really want to know what’s gonna happen but I guess I’m not going to be able to now :(

  • sarah

    Siberia is an amazing show! OF COURSE ITS NOT REAL! In the season finale someone got shot and they just happened to zoom up on that shooter and get a close up before that person dies. I really like this show though because its making fun of reality TV shows, and this is a creative new idea! Its really hard to come across original shows like this anymore that keep you hooked. I know its not real but like my brother says its fun to pretend its real! We have watched every episode every week and enjoy the comedic aspect as well as the dramatic parts! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

  • Jen P

    This show was awesome, and I also pray that it will be renewed so we can see what happens! I think the problem is that intelligent people seem to enjoy it, and that demographic seems to be fading away, unfortunately. Why do shows like “America’s Got Talent” have so many viewers, but not something like this? Because most people in this country are stupid. Hate to say it, but it’s true.

  • Sable

    I completely agree with you about the declining intelligence level of the viewing audience.

  • kcrocker63

    Bring Siberia back, you cant just leave use hanging. I love this show.