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NBC: Crossing Lines Certain to be Cancelled after abominable series premiere

By on June 30, 2013

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Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines

NBC’s newest series Crossing Lines premiered with a rating of 0.7. Even for a summertime premiere this is really bad. It had the lowest series premiere rating of the four big broadcast networks ever, tied with Saving Hope. Therefore, the TV Watch U.S. prediction for Crossing Lines is a Certain Cancellation.

Save Me had been set on a Certain Cancellation as well.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Chicago FireRenewed
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitRenewed
Parks and RecreationRenewed
Crossing LinesCertain Cancellation
Save MeCertain Cancellation
1600 PennCancelled
Go OnCancelled
Guys With KidsCancelled
The New NormalCancelled
Up All NightCancelled

This week’s TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • prissi wilson

    This show had so much quality with the location, actors and the writing. It is on another level in comparison to other show on any network. I do not understand why it is being canceled. Was it just a summer filler for NBC? I hope TNT takes it. This is the same thing that happened to Southland when you canceled it after one season. What is it with NBC??????

  • louis tenore

    i havent missed an epsoide yet this is a good show but everyone else watches the reality stuff witch is a farce tnt should pick up this series at least under the dome got renewed and thank cbs for giving unforgetable anthoer shot

  • Love the show. One of the best do will probably be cancelled. People seem to like mundane reality trash

    I really enjoy it. Good acting and good stories

  • Molly

    I love this show. I just happened to tune into the first episode. Can’t say I ever remember seeing a commercial promoting the show, so how does NBC expect anybody to know what they are missing.

  • Logan

    Lol, I am glad this show is cancelled, it was trivial and pathetic, horrible writing and even worse acting. The characters are predictable and the writers attempt to introduce pointless and endless facts about their characters that we ‘should’ care about..

  • jane

    I couldn’t disagree more…the stories are good and the acting terrrific..but then I am not of the Big Brother, Bachelorette, and reality adventure..nor mindless comidies I agree with Molly.and the rest who like it..I am a published writer and have enjoyed theater for many years. I feel most American Television viewers don’t want to use their minds…most of the stuff on TV is very bad. At least Parenthood and SVU were renewed, but we also liked Smash and Southland.


  • Kate

    Great show. Excellent acting and writing, interesting idea. Keep it going and add some lightness and spy’s to it, it could go for years.

  • anna

    I tripped over this show. It is a good program. You are all right about your comments even the bad ones. NBC can’t seem to pick a winner. They throw things in the air and hope something sticks Shows like this have a story and a plot. The speech of the actors need to be cleared up. ( Sound issues.) I like the build up of the Euro locations. Why is the BBC network the only station to make shows like this rating winners. Maybe NBC needs HELP from PBS.

  • Cris Blakely

    sorry to see this one go, the only good thing to say is that – this is the first show I have ever seen where each episode(or two part episode) is like a mini action/spy thriller. Self contained.. I have been disappointed by all the networks so many times in the past – I have wound up not tuning into some shows because I am sure they will be cancelled. As a viewer, you kind of invest your time in a show – and they pull it off the air – all that does is tick you off. Does anyone remember Crossing Jordan. That show just got pulled off without ever resolving her mother’s murder, which was the ‘hook’ from the first episode, and brought up every season. Then – just cancelled and no episode to solve that mystery.

    Stupid NBC.

  • Sue

    NBC should think twice before canceling this television show. Quality story lines, great cast and exciting visuals are hard to find in today’s network TV? This has the whole package. What a shame…

  • Michael McGuffin

    I really like this show. Always enjoy William Fitchner, such a great character actor. The writing was sharp and shots of Europe always enjoyable. I can only think many people have such a negative attitude towards anything European, especially from France. Too bad, good series that I will miss.

  • Name jane

    I like it also…as does my husband…it didn’t get proper promotion..and playing opposite one of those dreadful..bachelorette, bachelor or others enjoyed by the under educated it was doomed for failure

  • Michael Spencer

    One of the best shows on TV, this show needs to be renewed. I hope NBC wises up.

  • Amanda

    Crossing lines is a GREAT show. It has real substance and wonderful characters that truly make a viewer think. With a day/time slot change the show would inevitably do a lot better than it has in its summer slot. Please give it a chance and don’t be so quick to cancel.

  • Mattie

    They do a poor job promoting a program, then blame the program because ratings for the first show are low. Then they ignore history where the most successful shows of all time took more than 10 shows to gain an audience. Then they ignore the audience. Then they cancel.

    This is a good one. I can’t believe they are canceling it. Maybe a cable channel will pick it up since NBC has no clue anymore.

  • Marlene Blore

    One of the best shows to come along in years. Those of us who like to use our brains to watch something interesting really appreciate an excellent drama. The garbage reality shows that are being produced??? today only show the lack of intelligence in all the TV networks. Low cost high gain and noth8ing else.

  • Daniel Redford

    @Amanda: I doubt that Crossing Lines would do better in any other timeslot. Summer is traditionally a period of lower viewership, I’ll grant you that, but also a period of a lot less competition. In other words, there is a lot less pressure on a show: it can have a lot lower ratings and still get renewed than any in-season show. If Crossing Lines doesn’t manage to pull an audience during the summer, it definitely won’t survive during the regular season.

    @Mattie: By now there have been a lot more episodes of Crossing Lines, and they have all been doing bad. In fact, there have been 6, with an average rating of 0.5 in adults 18-49. The latest episode even got an 0.4, showing that the series still hasn’t stabilized in the ratings. When viewers start dropping the show, they leave the network with no choice. If they lose a lot of money on a show, what are they going to do?

    You can find the most recent predictions at the links advertised at the top of the page, just below the title.

  • Palic Linfor

    This show is lame. I’ve watched every episode and don’t have a clue what is happening. Please cancel Season 2 because the season 1 finale was so ridiculous it couldn’t possibly be explained anyway.

  • ita

    I love this show! watched it every sunday… Why is it being cancelled? It had an amazing plot with AWESOME actors!

  • Claudia

    I knew Crossing Lines would be cancelled simply because I LOVED IT!! It makes me mad that theses networks either cancel my shows or move them around. This fall about 6 shows I watch are being moved to new nights. It’s bloody annoying! I realize that “reality” tv is very popular but to the point where really good written dramas suffer, that makes me sad.

  • Alicia’s

    This is the best show I have seen in ages. Please don’t cancel. So sick and tired of reality shows, it’s good to see something different. Love the accents and european vibe of the show.

  • Pam Qarbaghi

    RENEW THIS SHOW! Definitely some of the best plot lines and writing on TV. Bill Fichtner is fabulous, and the rest of the international cast is wonderful as well. I discovered it was on too late – Give it a second chance! Was there any promotion of the show to speak of? I even went back and downloaded the first five episodes which I had not seen on TV just to catch up on it. Love Bill Fichtner!!!! Don’t think much of NBC execs though.5z99

  • Anonoymous

    I like this show so it going be canceled! LOL!

  • Pmoore1160

    Just goes to show what happens when a show with literary value and compelling characters goes up against the Inane dreck that passes for TV on NBC..make way for another “Reality” show or inane sitcom. OH!!! and while you’re at it…you can save Siberia too!!! Camp? seriously? this is worth saving? Crossing lines deserves the same chance as MASH, or Cheers…or, dare we say it…the vapid sitcom that ushered in so many others: Friends. All suffered from ratings problems in their first season, and two of the three went on to become classics (The Third went on to become “Friends” what can I say?)